A Recession Proof Wedding

During the early 1980’s our country was going through a very rough economic time.  People were being laid off from work, and many families were suffering.  A very famous motivational speaker by the name of Robert Schuller wrote a book that became a bestseller.  The name of the book was Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do.  His basic message was to tell us the art of positive thinking.  Your first question might be, “What does that have to do with my wedding day?”  A simple answer:  Everything!

 Trying to stay within a certain budget for your wedding day even during good economic times is difficult for many brides. When there is a downturn in the economy, it becomes more difficult. What you have to decide is how can you still have an elegant wedding and cut cost at the same time. 

What things are most important in your wedding?  One of the best ways to determine how best to live within your budget is to list all of the things that you would like to have in your wedding.  As an example, you might come up with a list like:  Your wedding gown, flowers, rings, wedding party, venue, cake, food and beverages, invitations, music, photography and video etc… 

After you put together your entire list, start by assigning numbers to each one signifying its importance with ten being most important and one being the least.  Your initial list may look something like this:

Gown Ten $  1,200
Flowers Ten $  2,300
Rings Ten $  4,000
Minister Ten $     300
Location Ten $  4,000
Cake Ten $  1,500
Food & Beverages Ten $15,000
Music Ten $  1,000
Invitations Ten $     500
Photography Ten $  3,000
Videography Ten $  3,000

 This might be a somewhat typical list with priorities and approximate costs.  Notice that everything on your list has a ten.  The major problem isn’t the priority, it is the cost of each item.  They’re all important, but you could still have an elegant wedding for less than the above listed costs.  How?  Look again at all of the items and start thinking about ways to reduce costs without sacrificing your dream wedding.  One of the best ways to cut costs on vendors is to have your wedding on any day other than a Saturday.  Many vendors will offer you a big discount for a Friday or Sunday wedding.

 BUT, when your wedding is over, there will only be two things left to remind you of your very special day—your photographs and your video. 


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