Live Music

We Want To Sing You A Love Song!

Anne Murray sang in 1974, “I wanna sing you a love song….”  That’s the desire of all the talented professional musicians and vocalists who perform live for weddings and events in the Valley of the Sun.  These performers are there to sing and play for you.  And, as Shakespeare so beautifully wrote: “If music be the food of love, play on”!

Whether for your wedding ceremony, cocktail reception and/or dinner reception, live music creates an extraordinary atmosphere that elevates the entire experience by adding a soundscape designed with you, the bride and groom, in mind.  Live music is an art form that is created and enjoyed in the moment, instantly lifting your emotions and senses as the experience of your event unfolds.  Live music connects with the emotions and energy of the bride and groom as well as the guests.  The joy of your event is tangible as the performers and their music enliven the ambiance.  You can feel the energy of live music—music created in the moment—and the memory of these magical musical moments can last forever! 

Live music has been a part of life’s celebrations forever!  Music history teaches us that music is a very important element in sacred religious services, including the marriage ceremony.  Unaccompanied voice was the first instrument used in early sacred music.  Performance styles were very restricted depending on the time period and music creation had very stringent guidelines and practices.  The Church allowed only sacred texts to be set to music. This music was passed down from performer to performer and was not notated.  At first, hauntingly beautiful and simple (in terms of composition) single line vocal melodies were performed.  As time progressed another voice, as a sustained note (or chant drone), was added below the melody and basic harmony was then created.  Music composition and performance changed over time as single line melodies developed into melodies with harmony by adding complementary notes to the melody played in exact rhythm.  From simple harmony, music became more intricate with the use of inter-woven melodies that created harmony by their movements and the “rules” of music composition were expanded.

Secular music (music for use outside the church), especially songs of love, became more and more popular and was performed usually by a stringed instrument called a lute (the predecessor to the guitar), which was also used to accompany the voice.  Over time, keyboard and orchestral instruments were added to sacred and popular music performance.  Though early music was very beautiful, contemporary music performance today encompasses a wide and varied range of musical styles and performance mediums.  Performers today are always adding something new and fresh into the mix and this can be very exciting to hear.  Anything goes!

The wedding musicians’ highest purpose is to provide an impressive soundtrack for your most special day.  To a professional musician, now as in earlier times, being in the moment of this musical creation is always an absolutely awesome experience!   Professional musicians who perform for weddings describe their music as extraordinary, elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful.  And that allows you, the bride and groom, to feel exactly that–extraordinary, elegant, sophisticated and beautiful!


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