For decades, the bride and groom’s first dance consisted putting their arms around each other and simply swaying slowly back and forth to their special song.  Now, thanks in part to shows like Dancing with the Stars, more and more couples are choreographing their first dance. 

For examples of just how far this has developed, visit the YouTube website ( and search for Wedding First Dance.  What follows is a sampling of creative ideas and suggestions that can help make your first dance one to remember.

Perhaps you have one very special song for your first dance.  You can work with a professional dance instructor, learn a few moves, and make your dance even more special.  Fear not, a good instructor will work with you at your comfort level and make it much easier to dance than you might expect.  Check out this couple dancing to Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh.  Search:  Chris De Burgh–Lady in Red (Wedding Dance)

One of the most famous videos has the couple dancing to the slow classic Unchained Melody.  Suddenly, the sound of a record scratching interrupts the dance, the music changes to the Sir Mix-a-lot rap Baby Got Back and the bride & groom get down!  Their surprised guests love it and cheer them on!  Search:  Cool Wedding Dance

Some choose to start with a slow song, get funky with another tune, and then return to the slow song to finish the dance.  This one begins with them waltzing to the Blue Danube, next jammin’ and poppin’ to Looking for the Perfect Beat, and then sailing back to port on the Blue Danube to finish their dance.  Search t&a:  Wedding dance (the ORIGINAL YouTube surprise wedding dance)

Many incorporate a medley of fun dances.  This couple begins with the sweet ballad When You Say Nothing At All, and then treats their guests to an amazing variety of dances.  The medley includes Hound Dog, The Twist, Hokey Pokey, Oompa Loompa, Kung Fu Fightin’, Chicken Dance, Grease Lightin’, YMCA, Billie Jean, Thriller, Mr. Roboto, Walk Like an Egyptian, Ice Ice Baby, U Can’t Touch This, Love Shack, Jump On It, Cha Cha Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Macarena, Oops I Did It Again, Bye Bye Bye, Lose Yourself, Hey Ya, Dirt Off Ur Shoulders, then back to When You Say Nothing At All.  Too funny!  Search: Brian & Katie’s Evolution of Wedding Dance

Your dance can express both your ethnic heritage and your ability to get down at the club.  One video features the bride wearing a colorful, sparkling dress that reflects her roots.  The first song in their dance is slow and respectful of the family.  Later, it breaks into 2Pac’s west coast groove California Love.  Search:  Wedding First Dance – California Love – Surprise 

What a wonderful way to communicate through your dance that you honor where you’ve come from, appreciate where you are, and equally enjoy both worlds.  Depending on your family history, you can include an Irish Jig, a Salsa, or a polka into your unique medley.

In the videos, the DJ is an integral part of the presentation.  He sets the stage by announcing the dance, plays the music, reacts to an apparent miscue, and then publicly recognizes the great performance.  An experienced, professional DJ can help you with your songs, add the sound effect of a record scratching, and offer suggestions to make your first dance the best it can be.

Truly, the possibilities for a fabulous first dance are endless.


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