Wedding Videography

Lights, Camera, Action!

No longer your Uncle Harry’s home movies…


Today’s wedding video is no longer your Uncle Harry’s home movie.  The vast majority of the professional wedding videos created today are far superior to wedding videos that were recorded just ten to fifteen years ago.  One of the main reasons has to do with the incredible quality of the newer high definition cameras that are available to the professional and non-professional videographer.  Besides technology, many of the professional wedding and event videographers today are more familiar with creative techniques on how to make your wedding video come alive.  Many have become members of wedding organizations like WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographers Association) and regularly attend workshops and seminars conducted by our industry leaders.


If most professional wedding videographers are pretty much using the same higher quality equipment, then why do their prices vary so much?  In order to fully understand the answer to this question, we first need to realize that the quality of the image is only a small part of the final product.  Years ago, most videos were judged according to their visual quality, rather than just their experience and creativity. Today the playing field is pretty much level with regards to quality.


As most of you are aware, you can now purchase a digital still camera for a few hundred dollars that has amazing quality. If quality were the only thing that you were looking for in a photographer, why do you hire a professional photographer to shoot your wedding?  Why not just use your friend?  The reason is obvious!  Your wedding photographs are just too important to trust to a non-professional.  The same can be said even more so with your wedding video.  In order to be a true professional wedding videographer you have to know more than just pressing the record button.  You have to know lighting, sound, camera techniques, production and editing just to name a few.


Choosing the wedding videographer who will be right for you will depend, of course, on several things. The first will probably be budget.  Although the phrase you get what you pay for is usually correct, that shouldn’t be the only way to judge which videographer will be right for you.  It’s very possible that you could go to the most expensive videographer in your city only to find that you don’t feel comfortable with his or her personality or the videos.


The best way to determine what videographer will be best for you is to view an actual video, not just some samples or a demo.  Ask to take a complete wedding home with you so you can watch it on your own system.  Some things to think about while viewing this video is how does this wedding effect your emotions?  How is the sound?  Have they captured all of the things that you would like in your wedding video?  Does the video tell a story?  All of these things are very important if you’re going to want to watch your video over and over again forever.  Forever? Yes.


A wedding video is forever.  It’s not only for you and your groom and immediate family; it’s also for your extended family.  It will hopefully be watched by your children, and your children’s children and on and on.  Your wedding video is going to be your legacy.  Photographs are wonderful, but they are static. They don’t talk or move.  Only with video can you really capture the entire day.  Only with video can you truly be moved to tears during the emotional moments of your wedding day.


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