Wedding Trends

Weddings tend to be more reflective of the bride and groom’s personal lifestyles and tastes.  This may run the gambit from vintage formal to colorful touches in a playful way.  Whatever style is chosen, your wedding should reflect your own personal trends and not be dictated by the wedding police.


Recently, while consulting with a bride on her color palate for her wedding, she mentioned burgundy and cream as her colors of choice for her wedding.  As the conversation progressed without enthusiasm, the bride divulged her belief that these were appropriate wedding colors.  What!  Her favorite colors were orange, green and yellow!  The final product included apple green table linens with tangerine and yellow flowers.  Her invitations followed the same color scheme.  This color scheme may not be every bride’s dream wedding, but it was a statement of this bride’s personality.


Wedding colors for 2009 will follow the fashion trends—including lots of lavenders and purples for the spring, with dark purples and blacks and navy blue for winter.  Multilayered flowing gowns as well as simple Jean Harlow silhouettes will help each bride pick a gown to suit her personal style.


Menus will encompass more food stations with continuous eating and dancing.   The progressive menu may include a complete change of food station table linens and flowers and lighting with each course turn.  Pin spot lighting the centerpieces has been a staple of an upscale wedding.  What we are seeing now is up-lighting of the side walls and colored spandex light towers around the room for ambiance.  The dance floor may start off all white, but change color through creative lighting throughout the food course changes. 


The finale may include small milk shakes or gelato cart and sliders.  Don’t be surprised if you see a casino set off to side for the cocktail hour or, still popular, after party.  At this point in the evening, many brides change dresses and hairstyles.  The groom may trade in his formal patent leathers for a pair of vintage Nikes.


Although green weddings are catching on, it still may take a consensus between mother and bride to opt for centerpieces that can be replanted.  Monogrammed cloth cocktail napkins are keeping things green and are reminiscent of the vintage trend.


Dancing with the Stars has not only sent the bride and groom to the nearest Arthur Murray Dance Studio for their first dance, but the dance professionals are now attending the weddings.  First giving a dance demo and then instructing the guest in a little Salsa or Tango.


Other trends for 2009 may include wedding gifts going toward different elements of the honeymoon.  Honeymoons are tending toward multiple locations versus a single location.


Large or small, color, glamour and glitz summarize the 2009 wedding.


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