Wedding Flowers

Your Bouquet Should Be Out of the Box

…and out of this World!!


How do you plan your wedding when everything that you read says “DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY”?  Times are tough, but this is your time.  You have waited your entire life for this perfect marriage to the right guy and the day that you have visualized whenever you close your eyes, to come together…..but the economy is not so perfectly aligned with your dreams.  Don’t put all of your dreams in a box…think outside of it. There are ways to plan your wedding on a budget, but one place you should never cut costs is on your bouquet. 


Arizona is beautiful, and many wedding sites need nothing added to the naturally beautiful scenery surrounding your ceremony.  Also remember, most ceremonies are the shortest part of the day and they are already filled with such emotion, no one will notice if you had flowers or not.  And, no one ever said that every man in the wedding party had to wear a boutonnière, or that all of the girls had to carry flowers either.  But your guests are more likely to remember what was on the table where they sat, so save some of your budget for centerpieces.  There really are no rules, but your bouquet should be the bouquet of your dreams.


This one component of your special day will be with you in every picture taken on that day.  Those are the pictures that you will look at for the rest of your life.  Someday your daughter might even comment of the bouquet that her mother carried and how perfect it was.  No matter what your taste is, simple or elaborate, colorful or monochromatic, hand held or presentation style, be true to yourself and do not cut costs on your bouquet.


It’s simple…think about your favorite flowers, visualize the most beautiful bouquet that you can imagine, work with your florist and remember…amazing things blossom, when you think out of the box.


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