Parents & Step-Parents

Don’t Worry…Be Happy


Your mother and father are most likely the most influential people in your life.  They may still be married, or they may be divorced.  If each has remarried, you now have a stepmother and a stepfather.  Your dilemma is to decide where and how to include them in your wedding so that everyone is happy.  Fear not, help is here. 


By working countless weddings, a deejay is in a position to witness ways to create happiness with sensitivity and love.  These peacekeeping ideas are now shared with you.



A father’s biggest role is walking his daughter down the aisle.  If your father and stepfather have been very much a part of your life, both can escort you–one on each arm.  Or, your stepfather can walk you part way and your father can take over and walk you the rest of the way.


A rose presentation to the mothers of the bride and groom is often part of the ceremony, usually following the lighting of a unity candle or a sand ceremony.  You can order as many roses as you need and present them to your mother, your stepmother, groom’s mother, etc.


Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance is the introduction of the members of the bridal party into the reception.  You choose whether to include the parents or not.  If so, the introduction will sound like this, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the mother of the bride (her name) escorted by her husband (his name).  And now, the father of the bride (his name) and his wife (her name).”  The parents/stepparents of the groom are announced similarly.  This way, the introduction flows smoothly, everyone is recognized, and the guests know who is who.


Father’s Welcome and Toast

The father of the bride often speaks to officially welcome and thank the guests for coming.  Your father can do this before the meal.  Later, your stepfather can offer a toast after the best man speaks.  On one occasion, the father of the bride gave an especially classy toast in which he thanked his ex-wife for the wonderful job she had done in raising their daughter.


Father Daughter Dance

For this special dance, you can dance one complete song with your father.  Then, the deejay can say, “Ladies and gentlemen, we invite another very special man in (name of bride)’s life to dance.  Please welcome…”  You would then dance the next song with your stepfather.


Or, as one song plays, you can begin dancing with your father.  Half way through, you dance with your stepfather and finish the song.  This is a symbolic, thoughtful way to share your love with them both.  Songs that work well are “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, “Unforgettable” by Nat & Natalie Cole, or “Have I Told You Lately” by either Van Morrison or Rod Stewart.


Everyone’s relationship with their parents is different.  What may be desired for one wedding may not work at another.  At worst, the wedding crasher is an uninvited, drunk, biological father whom the bride never knew. 


At best, all the parents come together and agree to do all they can to make your wedding day truly the best day of your life.  You feel blessed to have received so much love that your heart runneth over with joy and gratitude.


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