Maternity Bridal

The Maternity Bride

Your designer has arrived.


“This is your day to shine with beauty, love, and life,” said expectant bride Jackie.  There is no need to rush to the altar before the obvious bump makes its appearance.  Along with a new take on babies and marriage comes a new crowd of brides who choose a traditional long engagement rather than a quick trip to Vegas.  Bridal designer, Sarah Houston, is responding to this new surge of maternity brides by creating maternity bridal gowns on quick turn around so that brides can order near their wedding date.


Self-professed as an endless romantic, Sarah Houston embraces the added femininity that involves being a maternity bride.  In fact, she is the only couture bridal designer with a separate maternity line.  It is never Ms. Houston’s sole goal to hide a baby bump with her designs.  Rather, her primary objective is to achieve the best possible couture styling for the maternity bride’s unique body. 


Sarah Houston achieves her careful mixture of modern styling with an antique twist in her collection of gowns for the expectant bride while still flattering the bride’s body.  In one such creation, Ms. Houston has crafted the neck into a low scoop with the bust carefully supported in a satin ribbon detail.  The skirt is finely gathered so as not to be overly poufy over the baby bump.  Instead, the delicate gathers softly drape over the baby without adding to the size of her stomach.  The combination of the satin ribbon at the bust and the soft draping result in one still being able to see the small of the bride’s back, a feminine curve that a woman has while pregnant or not.  So, the part of the bride that is still thin is not overlooked.  This is all topped off with a corset back so that any overnight weight gain before the wedding is literally a cinch. 


It is clear that Sarah Houston approaches the pregnant body as a thing unto itself, as opposed to something similar to, but not as good as the un-pregnant female body.  She features the bump and bust in their best possible light.  On top of her careful silhouette, Ms. Houston carefully selects fabrics for notoriously irritated pregnant skin.  Because all of the senses are heightened while pregnant, slipping into one of her gowns has been described as being “immersed in liquid gold”.  Sarah designs her own laces to accompany her liquid gold silks.  Her laces are then accented with Sarah’s own beadwork for which she draws influence from cultures as diverse as Edwardian England and bohemian Paris. 


This is a time in a woman’s life when she already feels physically set apart from other women.  Her body has quickly changed and it can be difficult to accept these changes and see them in the best possible light.  This is especially difficult when she is approaching the one day in her life when she wants to feel her prettiest.  It takes a skilled couturiere, like Sarah Houston, to know how to approach the pregnant body in such a way that she doesn’t feel like she is trying to hide something and can be proud of her unique silhouette. 

If you happen to be a maternity bride, Congratulations!  You are embarking on two beautiful journeys and the best is yet to come.


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