Lovely Fingernails Never Go Out of Style

Start now to get them ready…


We all know how that fashion changes; bridal gowns move slowly from one style era to another;  bridesmaids’ gowns change a little faster though not much.  But were you aware that fingernail style is changing also?  We are moving from the clean, demure, French manicure with blunt end nails to the more va-va-va-voom of elongated, nails with subtle colors—and some not so subtle colors—giving brides’ hands a twenty-first century glamour and wonderful elegance.  Every gorgeous diamond looks wonderful on long slim fingers and the new nail styles do just that…elongate the hand. 


Your wedding day will likely be the most important day in your life. As a result you want to look your best and the only way to do that is to put some effort and time into making sure everything is just perfect. You want the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, and of course, the perfect nails. Sometimes people leave their nails to the last minute and paint them themselves almost as an afterthought; however, nailcare is incredibly important because when your hands are beautiful you will love showing off your new rings even more.  The photos of your hands will be stunning.


There are lots of wedding nail art ideas and you can choose whatever type of art goes with your personality as well as your dress. Some women really enjoy the conservative French manicure with nothing else while other women really like to go for a bolder, more elegant look. Some nice ideas include a basic French manicure with mini pearl or diamond accents. Having an airbrushed bride and groom on your nails is another option or perhaps lace details. Basically anything you can imagine can be airbrushed or hand painted on your nails.


Of course, you will want to use the very best fingernail polish and the list of the best products is led by Creative Nail Design now known as CND. The premium brands are known for their staying power. That means if you get your nails painted for your wedding and ask for one of their great colors then you can bet that your nails will be gorgeous on your wedding day and for the honeymoon as well!  Just be sure the nail salon you visit carries these brands of nail polish.


In Scottsdale there are two salons using CND products exclusively.  Julie Goveia owner of Goveias Nail and Hair is an Education Ambassador for CND and was chosen Ambassador of the Year for 2008.  Frank Hernandez, the nail professional at Ramon Bacaui Hair Gallery, is a CND professional also.


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