Fine Jewelry

Caring for Your Fine Jewelry

How to keep the sparkle.                                           


No doubt, you spent a great amount of time choosing your engagement ring and wedding bands.  You put a lot of love and consideration into the process, so naturally you want to take the best care possible.  Since your wedding rings are the jewelry worn most often, it is important to know how to care for them.


Here’s how to keep the sparkle—after all you have chosen a gem of a mate, right? And he has a great personality, so let’s keep the gem on your finger just as sparkling.


When you are out and about and you want a quick sparkle on your diamond, try huffing.  It’s a temporary but brilliant solution for an instant shine.  Just hold your ring to your mouth, and go huff with your breath. The diamond will fog up.  Now wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth. 


When taking your rings off or putting them on, always grasp the band of the ring (which is called the shank) to avoid touching the center stone.  Touching the center stones will leave an oily build-up, which will limit the sparkle and brilliance of your stone.  


A quick and easy way for getting your diamonds and other gemstone rings cleaned at home is by simply using 3/4-cup of hot water with 1/4-cup of Mr. Clean.  Soak and brush with a soft bristle toothbrush, rinse and wipe dry.  However, for best result have them professionally checked and cleaned about once a year by your jeweler.


In the meantime the best advice is to be careful.  Always remove your rings when doing heavy house-cleaning, swimming or gardening.  Household chemicals and the chlorine from your swimming pool can be very harsh on some gemstones and can cause discoloration to certain metals.  Gardening is especially harmful.  It is easy to chip the stone, bend the prongs and unnecessarily scratch and nick the ring.


Another safety measure is to store your ring properly.  Never store your small, fine jewelry pieces with heavy, chunky jewelry as the larger pieces can do too much damage to the smaller ones. 


Although it is a seemingly minor caution, do not take your rings off when away from home.  It can be critical, as too often they are forgotten or lost.  


Owning fine jewelry is a joy; wear your beautiful pieces.


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