Everything Old Is New Again

Cuisine in 2009

Everything old is new again!


Wow!  It is almost 2009 already—another wedding season over and a new one just begun. If you are planning your special day in 2009 you probably have most of your venders and basic theme pretty well set. But wait – have you seen the latest trends? Are trends our friends? Well, they can be. Here are a few ideas that may help you make your day hip and chic.


Let’s start with cocktails. Who doesn’t enjoy a cool beverage especially when you are celebrating? The personalized specialty drinks will make a renewed splash this year, in a good way. Brides are looking for a tasty, colorful and thirst satisfy drink to be presented as guests arrive and throughout the cocktail hour. For martinis try gin not just vodka. Gin was popular way back when but a lot of things come back in style. Add some pomegranate for a pink hue (pink is back, too). You can take this same approach with margaritas. Sangria is another beverage that your guest will love. Our recipe calls for rum, lime juice and assorted fruit.


When it comes to food service think user friendly comfort cuisine. When I say user friendly I am not so much referring to how you handle it as to how your guests understand it and comfort cuisine meaning satisfying, delicious selections that might bring back fond memories of your family or milestones in your life or relationship. You might serve a petite brie, fontina and chive paninni along side a shot of roasted tomato soup with a dot of cream fraiche. Spaghetti and meat sauce sounds good but not so elegant. How about beef short rib braised in red wine, tomato oregano and garlic over ricotta gnocchi’s with shaved romano cheese. Serve this in an attractive glass or specialty pasta bowl and you have a recognizable creation while using upscale ingredients with a cool presentation.


Green is in and will be for awhile. We should all exercise this practice and you can easily incorporate it into your wedding plans. You can use organic foods as you probably know, but how about organic wines? There are a lot of selections available at affordable prices and great quality. Ask your caterer to purchase locally or support smaller independent farms and vineyards. Your caterer should be able to offer a wide variety of Green disposable plates, cups and utensils. Check with your venders to see if they practice recycling or use cleansers and cleaners that are environmentally sound.


Here’s a prediction, saving a few dollars will be a huge trend this year! You may consider using your home or your parents or friends home instead of a resort or wedding venue. Think about bathrooms, areas for food preparation, parking and guest seating to be sure this will work. This is a great way to feel comfortable and personalize your event. Look for other unique venues that may not seem the norm but offer a look of beauty, convenience or just plan fun. They may welcome a little extra revenue for the space rental and will probably offer it at an affordable price.


Imagine the possibilities!


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