A Memorable Meal

No rubber chicken at your wedding


Making your meal part of the memory should be an important consideration when planning your wedding day festivities.  All of us can recall that one special meal where the selections, flavors and aromas were perfect.  It may have been prepared by a celebrity chef, a parent or even yourself.  It was probably enjoyed with close friends and family.  Maybe you were celebrating a milestone event or maybe it was not supposed to be a special day at all and it just turned out to be because of the meal.


Why should your wedding day meal be any different?  Oftentimes you hear the words rubber chicken, cardboard or typical wedding food when an acquaintance describes the meal they were served at the wedding they attended on Saturday night.  This is simply unacceptable:  Your meal should receive the same glowing reviews as all other components of your event.


There are many factors that will make the meal a wonderful memory.  Quality and quantity are two very important aspects. Never trust a caterer who does not do menu tastings.  The caterer should offer variety and flexibility when assisting you in planning the menu and what will be sampled at the tasting.  A true portion size should be offered or at least discussed during the tasting.  Too small or too large of a portion can adversely effect the meal leaving your guest either unsatisfied, uncomfortably stuffed or large amounts of uneaten food being returned on the plate.


It is more of a challenge for a professional chef to prepare an exquisite meal for two than it is for two hundred.  If the tasting meal for you and your fiancé is out of this world then it is a good indication that your wedding meal will be as well.  Remember people eat with their eyes so presentations and garnishes should be breathtaking and complimentary of the food with which it is paired.


Many venues will have a preferred list of vendors.  The caterers on this list should have a consistent track record for quality food preparations and service.  Do a little more digging and ask around if any of your friends or family members have heard of the caterer you are considering or been to an event where that caterer was in charge.


Some venues will have only one preferred caterer.  This can be good as they should know the venue inside and out. They most likely will offer several packages ranging in style of preparation and theme.  But remember you only have one option in this situation so be sure you are comfortable with their food philosophy and culinary skills before you sign on.


The time of year will also influence your menu selection.  Light, casual food in the warmer months.  Rich roasts and hearty preparations in the colder months. If you choose a theme meal make sure it will appeal to the masses.  Many folks may not enjoy oysters Rockefeller as much as your fiancé so you may want to be sure you are offering a more recognizable alternative.  At the same time you can’t please everyone but your caterer should be able to suggest some selections that will please most.  Rely on his or her expertise.  

The winter months may suggest a naturally raised, herbed chicken breast with a crisp crackling skin, natural juices with a hint of Marsala served on a bed of molasses glazed roasted root vegetables.  This could be accompanied with butternut squash ravioli lightly tossed with brown butter and parmesan.  That’s a memorable meal.   No rubber chicken here.  Imagine the possibilities!!!


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