Capturing the Cinderella Story

I think that almost every child in America, if not most of the world is familiar with the enchanting story of Cinderella.  What makes the Cinderella story so special?  Is it the story?  Is it the beautiful images? Would it be the sounds, or is it the combination of all three of them in a beautiful movie?  Can you even imagine having Cinderella without all three of them?  


In many ways, your wedding day is a Cinderella story. Not necessarily the same story or ending, but many of the same components.  In other words, this is really a very special day for you and your groom.  People are coming to see the two of you unite in marriage, a union that shows your love and commitment to each other.


Your entire wedding day will go by so quickly, that for many couples, it will just be a blur.  The vast majority of brides will hire a photographer to record these moments. The two of you will pose, along with your bridal party, friends and family, while the photographer captures these images for you to view after the wedding, in books, ipods, computers and on the internet.  For the most part, your photographs are all you’re going to have to document the most special day in your life.  


Let’s go back to the Cinderella story.  What parts are missing in your Cinderella story?   Do you see yourself and your father walking you down the aisle?  Do you hear your vows being spoken?  Do you hear the music being played throughout your wedding day?  Something is missing isn’t it?  The missing element is sound!  Still images won’t give you sound.  Now, you could record all of the sounds of your wedding day without using video, but you wouldn’t have the moving images to go along with it.  


It would be like looking at Cinderella in a book, even if the book could produce sounds.  It just wouldn’t be the same because the images don’t move.  The only way to experience all of these is to either have it filmed or videotaped.


There are countless ways for you to have your wedding day videotaped. You could ask one of your friends or family who happens to have a video camera if they would shoot it, or you could have it professionally videotaped.  Both of these cases have their pros and cons.  Having a friend or family member videotape is usually a very bad idea, but the price is right.  


A professional videographer is probably going to give you a superior product to Uncle Harry, but will cost you more up front.  As for the price range of a professional wedding videographer, expect the cost to range from two thousand dollars and up.  What’s most important is that you have a wedding video.  Even a bad wedding video is better than no video.


The vast majority of brides who failed to hire a professional wedding videographer said that this was the biggest mistake they made on their wedding day.  A professional wedding video is the only way you can retain and recall all of those special moments that happened on your wedding day.  How important is your wedding video?  Priceless!


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