Wedding Coordinator

Can You Afford Not To?

As Heidi Klum from Project Runway states, “One day you’re in, and the next you’re out”.  Brides are looking for the hottest trends in invitations, linens, flowers, entertainment, rental furniture, photography, food, beverage and fashion.  The task of learning what is chic and trendsetting can become overwhelming.   Today’s wedding couples, more than ever are depending upon their wedding coordinator to apprise them of the freshest ideas.  For a full time wedding coordinator, these responsibilities come with the career. 


It is not uncommon for brides to come into their coordinator’s office with wonderful ideas. 

A professional coordinator will give you the pros and cons of those new ideas.  For example, a tree with seating cards tied to the branches with colorful ribbon looks fun and unique, but this does not work well for larger weddings as it is can be difficult for guests to find their name.  This can cause confusion and congestion. 


Because wedding trends are changing so rapidly, an experienced wedding coordinator is no longer a luxury, but virtually a necessity in planning a well organized yet stylish wedding.  According to Bride’s Magazine, the average Scottsdale wedding expenditure is in the range of $41,000 and in Maricopa County, $28,000.  Both of these figures are above the national average.   Where else would you spend this amount of money without seeking professional advice?


There are several things to consider when hiring a wedding coordinator.  How many weddings have you coordinated? How long have you been in business?  How do you bill for your services? What is your payment policy?  Although these questions need to be answered, they do not help in selecting a coordinator that is innovative and in tune with today’s wedding fashion.  Think about adding open-ended questions such as:


Will you give me an example of the most innovative wedding you have coordinated?  What were your challenges?


What are you seeing as today’s wedding colors for stationary, bridesmaids’ dresses, and table linens?


What can I do to make my wedding exciting?


What are the new trends in cocktail food stations? 


What is the hottest beverage idea?


Will you show me samples of your work that reflect today’s trends?


Do not expect to love all of the ideas or examples the coordinator gives you.  The goal of this interview is to see if your ideas match with your coordinator’s taste.  Will this coordinator help you become a trendsetter and does she know what is hot and what is not?


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