Wedding Videos Are NOT Created Equal…

Many brides believe all wedding videos are pretty much the same.  Their perception is not totally unfounded in that the single most common purpose for having a wedding video is to document your very special day. That’s about where “sameness” ends.  How your wedding video is shot and edited is what separates Uncle Harry’s amateur version from a truly professional wedding video.


To put all wedding videos in the same box, would be like saying all singers or performers are equal.  If you had a choice of seeing and hearing Celine Dion or a teenager who sounds like Celine, who would you choose?  The answer to this is pretty obvious, but now let’s use a different analogy.  Instead of using Celine and the teenager, let’s use Celine and Kelly Clarkson.  Now who would you prefer to see? The answer to this kind of question is much more difficult because it has to do with personal preferences.  Both Celine and Kelly are wonderful artists but with different styles and appeals for their music.


In many ways, the same can be said about professional wedding videographers.  No two professional wedding videographers will videotape your wedding day exactly the same way, even if both videographers have the same equipment.  So how do you know what videographer to choose?  These hints may help.


Experience:  Rarely does anything take the place of actual experience.  Chances are, the longer you’ve been doing something, the better you get.  While there are exceptions to this rule, actual experience is a great place to start.  When videotaping a wedding, your wedding videographer is only going to get one chance to get it right.  Unlike movies, you don’t have a second chance to correct a mistake.  A seasoned wedding videographer learns to anticipate problems before they happen.  They make sure that they have backup equipment and they use multiple cameras, microphones and batteries.


Creativity:  Creativity goes hand in hand with experience.  Just because there are no mistakes in your wedding video doesn’t guarantee that your video will bring tears to your eyes.  This is where creativity comes into play.  You can’t teach creativity.  Your videographer either has it or he doesn’t.  A good wedding video should do more than just document your wedding day.  It should tell a story in a way that will be fresh and exciting every time you watch it.


Make wise and informed choices:  Try to make your decision based on quality and value versus price alone.  Go back to the analogy between Celine and the teenage singer.  Although you would save money by seeing the teenager,  is this a memory that you would cherish?  Remember that your wedding video is going to last you a lifetime!  One of the best ways to know which videographer is going to be best for you is to interview at least two professionals and then ask to take home a DVD of one of their recent weddings, not a demo.  Demos are a great way to get an idea of their style, but only a complete wedding will show you what you can expect on your wedding day.

A professional wedding video will be the only living document that you’ll have of your wedding day.  It will be one of those rare treasures that increases in value with each passing day.


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