Tuxedo 101

Did you think a black tie is as stuffy as it gets?  Think again.  White ties (along with a black tailcoat) define a formal evening wedding.  But now the semi-formal tuxedo, with its black dinner jacket and tie, is the more popular choice.


If you are a stickler for formality and having a day wedding, wear a morning suit.  This consists of a gray or black cutaway coat, gray vest, striped trousers, and a four-in-hand tie or ascot.  Not that traditional?  Wear a black or gray short jacket, called a stroller, instead of the cutaway.


If you don’t want the bride to be the only one in white, push for a summer or hot-climate wedding so you can wear a white jacket.


Anatomy of a Tuxedo


Neck:  Make sure you can fit a finger inside or two hands around.


Chest:  Keep working to be sure your chest sticks out further than your stomach.


Waist:  Don’t suck it in now.  There’s no need to feel uncomfortable about yet another thing at the wedding.


Coat size:  Don’t wear bulky clothes when trying on coats unless you want to look like that kid in “Big”.


Sleeve:  Beware!  The Frankenstein look is never in season.


Outseam:  Don’t take your pants off for this one—no matter how cute the measurer is.


Shoes:  No matter what you told your fiancé, she knows big feet only equal big shoes.


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