Strapless, Strapless, Strapless

Help for the less than perfect bride.

That’s the name of the game when it comes to modern bridal gowns.  We live our everyday lives with straps and sleeves so it seems only logical that a bride would want to do the exact opposite of “everyday” when it comes to her wedding dress.  It is as though she is revealing a side of herself and her style that it isn’t commonly seen. 


That being said the bride wanders into uncharted territory when it comes to revealing parts of her body that aren’t used to seeing the light of day.  In a strapless dress there is no hiding the flabby upper arm or extra cleavage that hangs over the front and the sides of the gown.  


Luckily several bridal designers and local seamstresses expected this challenge for 2008 and have come ready with their designs to get those upper arms and chests covered. 


Barcelona designer Pronovias has long added boleros wraps and over dresses to their design repertoire.  This makes complete sense as they have designed their gowns to be worn in the beautiful and ancient cathedrals of Spain.  Though most Catholic churches in the US do not have any gown restrictions the rules are a little stricter throughout Europe.  Part of the beauty of a bolero is that it can easily be taken off for the reception.


Oliteby Pronovias comes with a matching crochet-lace bolero that is perfect for meeting church requirements.  If one opts to wear a veil for the ceremony the bolero can be saved for the reception when the veil is removed.  This helps to spiff-up the dress a bit like a costume change. 


On the other hand Pronovias’ Orfila does the trick when it comes to concealing the chest and arms for the ceremony.  Interestingly enough the sleeves seen on the dress are part of a waist-length blouse that can be unbuttoned and slipped off to reveal a playful strapless lace dress. 


Encore weddings are the perfect time to push the envelope when it comes to fashion.  There isn’t the influence of the mother-of-the-bride and her vision of what she sees her daughter wearing on her wedding day.  One can pay homage to the tradition of the wedding dress without going anywhere near the real thing.  New York designer Junko Yoshioka’s 2008 collection offers a silk chiffon dressing robe-like cover-up that is smartly trimmed in fox.


If the strapless dress arrives and the arms are still not up to par and one’s shops does not have a skilled seamstress the Wedding Accessory Superstore in Cave Creek offers an array of pre-made boleros and cover-ups.  Any bride can check out their selection and then provide her designer’s fabric for the cover-up to be created for her.  Not only will they make it from scratch with your fabric but also they have seamstresses skilled in beading and can add embellishment to your bolero.  Does it get any better than that?


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