Romantic Wedding Video

When you think of your wedding day, what images come to mind?  Do you see yourself and your bridesmaids laughing and having fun as you enter your dressing room to get ready for your wedding?  What feelings do you have as your hair and makeup are being done?  Is your Mom with you?  What are her thoughts?  What about your bridesmaids?  What are they saying?  Now see your entire wedding day unfold before you.  The ceremony, vows, rings, music, tears of joy.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just remember all of these scenes and emotions say a week, month, year or many years from now?  Well, believe it or not you can with a professional wedding video!


There is no other way to recall and experience the true romance of your wedding day without video.  Photographs are wonderful, but a photograph can’t speak or capture a tear running down your face.  A photograph can’t hear the music or wedding vows.  A photograph can’t hear your parents or grandparents voices.  Tears usually don’t come to your eyes when you see a photograph, but a professional video can and will bring out all those kinds of emotions.


How would you like to make your wedding video different from every other wedding video?  It’s not as difficult as you might think.  All you and your videographer have to do is think and plan creatively.  Look at other wedding videos and find things that you really like and write those thoughts down.  We’re not talking about a Hollywood production.  What we’re suggesting is that your wedding video doesn’t have to look like every other wedding video out there.  Some suggestions might be as simple as having your videographer record the voices of you parents, grandparents, bridal party, friends, etc… and then placing some of those sound bites into your video.


Another really fun thing to do is a bride and groom gift exchange.  It’s very easy to do and has wonderful results.  Prior to the wedding, each of you writes a short note to the other and as an added bonus, exchanges a small gift.  The bride will have one of her bridal party deliver her gift and note at a pre-arranged place and exchange it with one of the groomsman, usually the best man.  Then they take the exchanged gifts back to the bride and groom to open with the bridal parties looking on.  This entire sequence is videotaped and edited to look as if it’s all happening in real-time.


By adding just a few extra things to your wedding video you can transform what was just an ordinary video into something extraordinary as award winning videographer Randy Stubbs of Silver Star Productions in San Diego shows in his training videos.  How far you want to take your movie will of course depend on your videographer’s experience and your budget.  Remember, your wedding video is your legacy.  It’s a movie about one of the most important days of your life.  Unlike shooting a movie in Hollywood, you and your professional videographer are only going to have one opportunity to get it right.  Make sure that your wedding videographer has the knowledge and experience to create your once in a lifetime experience.


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