Cooking Up Your Best Wedding

Planning a wedding is like cooking a great meal.  Your first job is recognizing what ingredients you need.  After photographing weddings for the last five years it seems that the following five ingredients, if applied correctly, will create the tastiest results for your wedding and marriage.


Intimate – On face value this may seem like an obvious ingredient when preparing for your wedding.   You may be surprised to hear the number of people who go through the motions of getting married and never really take time to connect during the event, including with their future spouse.  Adding intimacy to your wedding take the focus off the details of hair, favors and timelines and place it back on people.  It is critical to reset your heart to enjoy your guests and family who have come to celebrate with you.  Intimate weddings always create an emotional stir because they invite you and the participants to become vulnerable.  An intimate wedding will connect everyone with the love on display.


Simple – Have you ever noticed that fine dinning restaurants serve portions that are significantly smaller than the standard family diner?  These establishments have figured out how to present a simple product as a work of art.  While preparing for the wedding, many brides become overwhelmed with all the options that can go into their big day.  Instead, choose to make your wedding a fine dining experience by fighting the urge to go overboard.  If you prioritize what is most valuable to you and your fiancé, you will be able to focus your attention on those items that will make your wedding a work of art.


Personal – While in eighth grade our neighbor down the street shared a recipe for Cindy’s famous chili. Her recipe was a three time award winner at the county fair and considered the best in town.  The next year the winning chili came from Cindy’s friend.  When asked what she had done she said she had personalized an already winning recipe with two secret ingredients. Just like a winning recipe make sure you personalize your wedding.  This personalization will help those in attendance understand the significance of your relationship through your thoughtful décor, ceremony choices, along with your words of gratitude.  Oh, and for all those inquisitive minds, the secret ingredients in the chili were unsweetened chocolate and cinnamon.


Relaxed – Take a deep breath, now exhale.  Try to relax.  From experience, very few weddings go exactly according to plan.  When the unexpected happens it is an opportunity to set the tone for your family and friends.  If you don’t sweat the small stuff, your guests will be relaxed as well.  The best way to stay calm is to hire a great team, including a wedding coordinator to help you achieve the desired results.  Keep reminding yourself and your friends why you are all dressed up.  You are getting married which should be the top priority.


Spiritual – The most important ingredient is always saved for last.  Weddings are full of significance and beauty which helps us to pause and reorient our lives around the spiritual.  The best weddings don’t always have the biggest cake or hippest band.  However, the one thing they all embrace is a deep passion for life and love and an overwhelming enthusiasm for the future.  When two people choose to pronounce publicly their passion for one another, something deeply spiritual and transcendent occurs for everyone attending.  A word to the wise; cook with care.  The spiritual connection will be your marriage’s strongest foundation.


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