Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is one of the classic tales of love where art has imitated life. I have always wondered why the Beast always gets a bad rap in this fable.  It seems that everyone is always intimidated by the Beast, wanting him to be something different than what he is.  Shoot, they even call him names. “Hey monster,” they say mockingly, “you’re hairy and you smell.”  Yes, it is true, the beast has excessive amounts of hair protruding from his body, and he is big and loud from time to time.  However, let’s not allow these minor qualities distract us from seeing his true nature.


When it comes to love, weddings and marriage, men sometimes unfairly earn the title of “The Beast.”  On the surface, some guys are not extremely interested in the wedding preparations.  Many guys falsely assume that the wedding is all about the bride, and they are just along for the ride.  But, if given a chance, the groom can and will be an enthusiastic participant in planning the wedding.  He may even be a strategic asset to the bride when she gets in a bind.


At a recent wedding, the groom put aside his role as the Beast and became a Prince. The groom was a guy’s guy. He was smart and a hard charger in business and sports.  His style was to always be the man, in other words “I am the Beast, hear me roar”.   However, leading up to the wedding day, the groom chose a different direction.  He took it upon himself to get involved with the wedding and honeymoon planning.  His minor efforts in assisting his fiancée actually paid off, as he was able to add opinions and personal touches that helped make the ceremony and reception a personal experience for him, too.  The efforts he made, no matter how large or small, scored him huge points and set the tone for the couple’s relationship leading up to the wedding and beyond.


Soon, the wedding started to incorporate more of his style and taste, making him feel more comfortable and excited for the wedding to get underway.  When the day finally arrived, he found himself overwhelmed by his emotions for his bride-to-be.  He sent her special notes and flowers to show his enthusiasm for their future together.  Then, as the ceremony started and Beauty walked down the aisle, he locked eyes with his beaming bride.  He then spoke out with a chilling confidence, words of both love and commitment, which quickly melted into tears.  This had a ripple effect on the entire crowd and, most importantly, on the bride.


The moral of the story is that the Beast’s qualities, however menacing, only show a superficial exterior.  In reality, inside the Beast there is a Prince who can be sensitive, romantic and caring if given a chance and a little coaching. With a little encouragement, even the wildest guys can harness their passion and transform into a source of stability and strength, enabling the bride to shine as the Beauty she is.


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