Getting Ready for Your Close-Up.

While photographing numerous weddings this year it has become obvious that there are two questions that always seem to come up.  From the men in the crowd the question is, “what kind of camera are you using?”  The long answer to this could lead to a dialogue about how anyone can buy equipment but not everyone is a photographer.  Instead the short answer of “Canon Cameras” seems to satisfy their natural curiosity.


Now, the questions women most often pose are more complicated and often about something else entirely.  Their questions usually sound like, “Can you make me look thinner, younger, or taller?”  “From what angle do I look best?”  “Can you minimize my nose, hips, and lips?”  “Will you touch me up in Photoshop?”


Really these questions are all asking the same thing. What is my best side?  To answer this perennial query we must first understand that your best side is not determined by how beautiful you make your self on the outside.  It also isn’t entirely about the exact dress you choose.  Your best side and your real beauty come from the outward expression of the qualities that lay at the core of who you are.


Authenticity is the first key to finding your best side on the day of the wedding.  When you express yourself genuinely, you become incredibly attractive to be around and easy to photograph.  The additional benefit is that when you are comfortable in your own skin you allow others to relax and express themselves openly.


When you begin to be real with others and yourself, it breeds confidence—one of the most important aspects to finding your best side.  If you hide an aspect of yourself or are overly self conscious your tendency is to shy away from the camera or to change the parts of your personality or body you feel awkward about.  Building your confidence allows you to step out boldly making for better pictures and a better time.


Recently at a fashion shoot it became obvious that the top models were people who could embrace a moment and feel empowered to play and have fun in it.  This kind of playfulness is powerful as it draws out a youthful nature and allows for uninhibited fun.  Everyone hates their fake “cheese” smile and wishes for a natural one which will happen when you live and act in a playful way.


When calculating your best side the emotions you bring to the table are also of importance.  Not everyone is overtly expressive with their feelings, which is ok.  However creating a connection with the one you love and those around you during your wedding day will open up for genuine emotion.  These emotions—whether joy or love or nervousness—draw us into your story and allow others to feel a deeper connection to you.  On a practical side emotions photograph well and make for dynamic story telling images.


If real beauty comes from the inside then compassion or empathy are the qualities that bring the sun out from behind the clouds.  When you care for others and place their needs above your own your best side shines.  This can be a helpful hint as mole hills can seem like mountains on your wedding day.

Taking time to laugh at yourself and your situation will allow you to regain your composure and perspective and, in addition, make it possible for you to relax.


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