Multiple Video Cameras

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly..

The first question might be, “Is it really necessary to have more than one camera at a wedding?”  The very simple answer is “What part of your wedding and reception do you want to miss?”  Just having one camera at either a wedding or reception is not only a very dangerous thing to do, but it’s very irresponsible on the part of the videographer.  Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life.  If you only have one camera shooting, this means that you’re only going to have only one angle or perspective of what is going on.  Here are just a few more good reasons to employ at least two cameras to any wedding and reception.


The Good:  Multiple cameras can add excitement to your event.  By having additional cameras and operators at both your wedding ceremony and reception, your video will have a much better flow to it.  A single camera angle can become very boring.


Chances are considerably less of missing some important part of either your ceremony or reception.  One camera just can’t capture all the moments that happen during a wedding or reception.


Multiple cameras eliminate excessive camera movement.  With just one camera, there just isn’t any way to eliminate camera movement which becomes very distracting.  They can be less obtrusive because you won’t have the videographer moving their camera all over the place.  With just one camera, every time the videographer wants to get a better shot, he will have to physically move the camera and or move himself which creates a distraction for your guests.


It’s a great safety net in case something should go wrong with one of the cameras.  As with any profession, things can and do go wrong during an event.  By having additional cameras not only on site but actually recording, you can be assured that if something should go wrong with one of the cameras, you have at least one other camera to go to for both video and audio.


The Bad:  Sometimes having too many cameras can be very obtrusive.  Unless the video company uses the same kinds of cameras, the colors and quality between cameras may not match.


The Ugly:  Your wedding and reception begin to take on the appearance of a Hollywood movie.  With multiple cameras usually come multiple lights at the reception.  Lights coming at you from all angles can be very annoying to your guests and your photographer.


The only positive way to make sure that you get only the Good is to meet with your professional videographer in person.  While demos are a very quick and positive way to see the quality your videographer is capable of, you really need to watch a complete video on your home TV.  It’s also a very good idea to ask your videographer for references of past brides and vendors.


Remember!  You have one opportunity to record one of the most important days of your life.  Don’t leave that day to an amateur.


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