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Ray the DJ

Ray Grace’s answer to what people would find surprising about him – “I’m cooler than I look”, but that’s no surprise to anyone who’s ever experienced his DJ expertise.  This guy can ROCK!  Or disco, or hip hop, or swing, or croon, the genre list is endless!  Since 1978, Ray has spun powerful music specifically chosen to create the blend of emotions and moods for people to laugh, love, eat, dance and celebrate. 


“I really care for my clients.  I’m the ‘Lou Grubb’ of DJs,” he quips in reference to a respected Valley businessman known for honesty, integrity, value, and simply-stated elegance, all characteristics aptly applied to Ray.  His sincerity, advanced DJ technology, and “do one thing and do it right” attitude has earned him a place in The Wedding Chronicle’s Hall of Fame after being voted Best DJ five years in a row, Arizona Bride’s Best DJ 2007, The Knot’s Arizona Pick Award 2007, Supplier of the Year for both the National Association of Catering Executives and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International and board membership of the Arizona Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association. 


“Being a DJ allows me to be a part of people’s good times, at the zenith of their happiness.  And it’s really being a part of the moment, an honor to be a part, and not just a job,” Ray asserts.  “Customer service is the key.  We empathize with our client, always asking ourselves how we would like to be treated.  We are sensitive and listen, work with a serving heart to accord respect to our clients.  As the music plays, I’m always thinking ahead to what I can play next to complement the moment.  It’s important to the client, and I honor that.” 


A memorable moment in Ray’s career was at the wedding of a hearing impaired couple.  “Two of their friends signed the words to “Endless Love” as it was played for the bride and groom, ending with their hands cupped and arms meeting at the elbow to form a heart shape.  I could see the faces of the bride and groom during this song and it was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever seen at a wedding.  Later, even though many of the guests couldn’t hear, they danced to the “feel” of the music’s beat.  It was great!  And with all the signed conversations going on, I not only felt the energy of the “talking”, but I felt a new sense of the word ‘loud!'”


Support kudos go to Barbara, Ray’s lovely wife of 26 years (and as wonderful as Ray!), and Brenda, their invaluable office guru.  “When you work with others who care and other vendors, peers, who are the best, it raises everyone.” 

In a word, Ray is the king of hearts among DJ’s – he’s professional, pleasing, and the perfect pacemaker of any party.  You’re lookin’ pretty cool there, Ray!


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