Hiring A Great Photographer

What’s Important and What’s Not

For many brides and grooms your wedding could be the first time you have hired a creative professional. How you find and manage this relationship can have a large impact on the photographs that are ultimately created.


The phone rang the other day and the person on the other line had two questions to ask in rapid succession, “How much does it cost?” and “What is included?” When asked if they had seen the website or a sample book, the response was “No.”


When it comes to selecting a creative professional many have a mindset focused on the price and products as if shopping a sale at Macy’s. Many brides will quickly sort through the rack looking for a bargain. While looking for a good value is not wrong, it may not be the best approach to selecting a fantastic photographer. If you take your time looking through portfolios of pictures you will quickly realize that not all photographers are alike. Finding a seasoned photographer with a creative eye who can capture the emotions of your family and friends is hard to come by. However, once found the investment of time and money will be well spent.


While studying the images on each photographer’s website look for galleries of images from several weddings. Look for someone who can capture the depth of your relationships and can tell a story through the images. While a portfolio of 20 unique pictures may look beautiful you should consider someone who can deliver a diverse group of pictures from the entire wedding day. Pictures of the bride looking beautiful plus the candid images of all your friends and details of your flowers and the dress will make for well rounded wedding coverage. Ultimately you want to find pictures you connect to it and see yourself in.


Whether in a leather covered album or custom prints, one large concern is quality of the products being offered. Finding a photographer who works with professional labs and book binding companies will be important to the longevity of the prints and albums being created. Because these products will hold your memories and be passed on for generations the craftsmanship and attention to detail is what makes these heirlooms so valuable.


The personality of the photographer and your other vendors is the secret to your wedding peace of mind. Being comfortable with the photographer can’t be understated. You will look your best in pictures if you are relaxed and the right photographer will inspire the level of trust necessary for you to be yourself. Hire a photographer who is fun to be around and passionate about their work.


Many times brides don’t think to coordinate the styles of the creative professionals they are hiring. If you hire a documentary photographer who is hands-off and then hire a videographer who wants to direct the day, you may have problems getting the best results from both vendors. Getting all the details perfect will rely on the harmony and personality of the vendors you select, choose wisely.


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