Grooming the Groom

Take an active interest in your wedding.  Pitch in.  Find out what you can do to help and don’t let your sweetheart bear all the responsibility.  Put her on a pedestal.  Let her be the center of attention. She deserves it.  Never let her hear you say, “It doesn’t matter to me.  Do whatever you want.” This is the day to be her Prince Charming! 


Roll up your sleeves and get busy.  Wedding overload can be a real problem.  Divide up jobs in advance according to which parts you’re most interested in, then agree to consult each other before the final decisions.  Attend the meetings with the minister, disc jockey, photographer, etc., as a team.  You are in this together.


Be romantic. Leave a love note in her room on the morning of the wedding.  Wake her up to her favorite song.  Romantic surprises make the big day memorable.  Be her personal chauffeur for a day of wedding errands.  Never stop being romantic.  She will love you for it.  Send her mother flowers with a note telling her how happy you are to be marrying her daughter.  Take her father to lunch. 


Pay attention to the details. Spit-shine your shoes.  Gas the car.  A week before the wedding, get a haircut.  (This much time is needed to avoid the peeled onion look.)  Today is the most stressful day of the bride’s life.  Roll with the punches and do what you can to minimize the stress factor. 


Don’t wait until the week before your wedding to figure out what you’re going to wear.  Your formal wear should be reserved about 3 months before the wedding.  Send a detailed e-mail to your groomsmen filling them in on the details about the formal wear.  Let them know when and where to get fitted for their tuxes. Keep your sweetheart in the e-mail loop to let her know that you’ve got everything under control.


Many times the rehearsal dinner falls in the purview of the groom and his family.  Have flowers delivered to the restaurant prior to the dinner. Ask the waitress to present them to your bride with a special card signed by you. 


The best man is a reflection of your judgment, your background and your character.  Decide who is going to be your best man quickly, tell him what is expected and make sure he can honor his commitment.


You probably paid for the open bar.  However that is not a license to get blasted into next week. Tequila shots with your buddies would be a terrible idea.


Whatever you do, do not plan your bachelor party for the night before the wedding.  For some really innovative ideas check Charlee Geisler’s article about Bachelor Parties in this issue. 


You will be expected to say a few words at the reception.  It is important to be brief and to the point.  Tell everyone how happy you are to be marrying the girl of your dreams, say your thank yous and sit down.  Practice beforehand.  Remember, practice does not make you perfect, it just makes you better.


Next. . . live happily ever after!


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