The Bachelor Party

Grooms – you know that brides dream of their wedding day from birth to the walk down the aisle. They spend countless hours picking out their dresses, flowers, wedding cake, venue and caterer.  But before they finalize these details they have already picked the most important ingredient, the groom.


You have met the girl of your dreams and are ready for that walk down the aisle.  But before that can take place you have that one last send off with all your old friends.  That’s right, the age-old, time-tested bachelor party.  We are talking the kind you can tell your bride about.


When planning your party remember at this point your bride has probably become an expert on event planning.  Ask her to throw a few pointers your way.  Ask about the venders she has decided to use.  A lot of catering companies would be happy to do the full package that might include the wedding, the bridal shower, bachelor party, reception and sometimes a morning after brunch.  


When using the same caterer, be assured you have menu variety to avoid a repeat in flavors or food styling.   You should have a high comfort level with your venders at this point. Knowing that a good caterer or event planner is handling all the details will eliminate a lot of stress, and don’t forget to ask for the package pricing.  If you save a few dollars on this end you will have more to spend with each other on the honeymoon.   


Let’s talk menu.  Everyone loves brats and cold beer but let’s think outside the bun, this is a one of a kind, customized fiesta and should be unique.  Instead of the usual you can order a variety of grilled sausages that may include chicken and apple, jalapeno and garlic, sun dried tomato and Parmesan cheese.  If you have brats and Italian sausage be sure it is of the best quality from an Italian or German deli.  Pair these luscious treats with a variety of spicy mustards, pretzel rolls and flatbreads instead of the white bread bun we are accustomed to. Hand made salads like a hearty penne pasta, ricotta and arugula salad or a grilled potato, pancetta and scallion salad will take this simple approach over the top.


This is all about hungry guys, and a large variety makes up for smaller portions.  The secret here is to use fresh full flavored ingredients that pack a punch.  Flavorful small bits go a long way.  


Did you say sliders?  How about a trio to include Asian duck sliders with shitake mushrooms, spicy mustard sauce or wasabi aioli. Angus blue burgers with gorgonzola and peppered cured tomatoes.  Salmon sliders on brioche buns, cucumber dill slaw and ginger tomato ketchup.  You can even add fresh sweet potato fries.


This concept works well with Mexican fare too.  Jalapeños, stuffed with chili rubbed pork and cilantro.  Chipotle grilled shrimp, jicima slaw.  This menu is about hearty, flavorful, fun and oh so satisfying.


Wild game is a great option, too.  Be sure your group is the type to enjoy this kind of menu.  Try Bison tenderloin with sweet potato au gratins, parsnip mash and juniper berry demi glaze for a more subdued plated meal.  Finish this off with cherries jubilee, a great cigar and cognac.  The boys will be taking about this one at your fiftieth anniversary.


Imagine the possibilities!


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