Bridal Fashion

All the Colors of White

Are you looking for a white bridal gown?  It might be more difficult than you think.  The color white on the tag, may not be true white.  How to tell the difference is easier than you think and will help with the rest of your wedding apparel styling.  Only certain whites should be worn on certain skin tones.  Also, many different colors are mixing their way into bridal.  Make sure you know what you are wearing and why you chose that color!


Fiber content of the dress fabric is the number one determination of color.  Fabrics, such as silk charmeuse, silk chiffon, duchess satin, and silk shantung are very common bridal fabrics.  These fabrics are almost always 100% silk and will never achieve a pure white.  Silk is a natural fiber and therefore can only absorb so much colored dye and bleaching.  Polyester, however, is a man-made fiber and can be constructed, dyed, and woven to be stark white and virtually any other color.


If you buy a white dress make sure you know if it is true white, diamond white or silky white.  Many companies name their own colors, so look for the hue of the white.  If it has a gray tone to the sheen, it is a diamond white.  If the fabric has a warmer hue it is a silky white.  Polyester, on the other hand, will have a true color and is limited to white or ivory.  Skin tone is another reason brides don’t wear white.


White looks best against certain skin tones.  Stark white is a complimentary color on darker skin, because the contrast makes the white pop and the skin color look deeper.  While a softer white looks better on a more alabaster complexion because the creaminess of the color and skin tone interact with each other in a complimentary way.


Bold colors, such as reds, greens, blues, and blacks are now making their way into designer collections.  Color is a great way to add your personality to your gown and really incorporate your color story.  If you are a non-traditional bride, then color is a good option to spice up your attire.  Whether it is just a trim or accent to your “white” gown, or it is the dominant color, any shade will make a modern statement.


No matter what kind of bride you are, remember to pick your dress and its’ color based on fiber content, skin tone, and personal style.  Know what color your dress really is, because it will assist you in selecting your accessories, such as your veil, shoes, and jewelry.  If your dress is on the creamier side of white, you will want to go with a champagne colored shoe, creamier colored veil, and pearls for your accessories.  If you chose a “grayer” hue, match this color with silver shoes, a whiter veil and crystal or diamond jewelry. 

Make sure that the hue of the dress matches the tones of the accessories so you continue the hue that your dress has set and not clash with the ambiance you have chosen.  Always ask about your gown color, and request a fabric swatch if available.   If all else fails, compare your color to others in the store.


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