A Small Emergency!

When it comes to handling crises, wedding consultants have it covered.  At any given moment the telephone rang with a frantic bride on the other end.  “I opened my dress bag and my veil is not with it.”  For a Jewish wedding with a B’Deken (the groom lowers the veil over his bride’s face to show that he accepts this woman as the one who was promised him), this was truly a problem and of course it was Sunday.  The dry cleaners who steamed the dress and veil were closed! 


The wedding coordinator called Destiny’s Bride, one of the Valley’s premiere salons.  Within one hour, they steamed two veils to lend to this bride for her ceremony.  This was an out of state bride and the dress was not even purchased from Destiny’s Bride.  Those lovely ladies were kind enough to lend the veils to the distressed bride for her ceremony.  The coordinator picked up the veils and delivered them to a most grateful bride thirty minutes prior to the ceremony.  As luck would have it, one of the veils was identical to the one left at the cleaners. 


Most of the time weddings go off without a hitch; the question is who can you put in charge the day of your wedding if an emergency arises?  If you have decided not to have a wedding coordinator, assign a friend or family member who is not a part of the bridal party for those emergencies.  Review with that person each vendor and their contact information. 


A bride described a situation in which a friend did not have a wedding coordinator.  She hired a violinist to lead the bridal party down the isle.  The violinist ran late, and missed the processional. The bridal party could see the violinist standing at the back of the ceremony after the wedding had begun.  No one in the bridal party could help, but a quick thinking friend sitting among the guests walked back to the violinist and asked him to escort the bridal party for the recession since he missed to the procession.  The bride was happy and only a few guests knew of the alternate plan.


If you have hired a wedding coordinator for full service, you are relying upon the coordinator’s relationship with a variety of vendors for a number of reasons.   The potential for better pricing exists if the coordinator is a loyal patron.  The level of service given to the bride as a referral from a loyal wedding coordinator is enhanced.  That the vendors selected are reliable and professional is assured, or the coordinator would not refer that resource.  Most important, vendors are loyal to coordinators who endorse their products.  Trust that the bridal salon, florist, photographer, videographer, stationer, or venue that the coordinator is recommending is the best she knows.  The value may not always be in dollars spent, but in loyalty, professionalism, and the quality of the end product.


This article is not meant to scare brides and grooms into hiring a wedding coordinator.  It is meant to give them another solid reason to support a valuable decision.  It is wonderful to have a wedding coordinator help organize your vendors and set a time line.  It is invaluable when the coordinator is well qualified to handle emergency situations.  And…emergencies do happen!


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