Winter Themed Weddings

It has been a chilly 98 degrees these past few days making it a little easier to think about the winter white-themed weddings that will be taking place this January and February.  Many a sophisticated bride will opt to surround herself with white calla lilies, white tablecloths, and white fabric swagged across the ceiling of her party tent.  Possibly a touch of ice blue will accent the scene to call to mind the frosty terrain of Narnia.  Never needing to fade into the background, the bride can play into her theme through her attire by donning some sparkles to remind the viewer of ice or grace her shoulders with a bit of fur to play up the ice queen, diva factor.  Valley bridal salons carry an array of gowns and accoutrements to keep the wintry theme alive in your wedding.


Ulla-Maija Couture’s Cathedral Collection gown, Fabienne, is the quintessential winter wedding gown.  This long sleeved duchess satin gown evokes a sense of 19th century modest sophistication a la Charles Dickens, perfect for a wintry wedding.  The pearl details on the cuffs and high collar are in reference to traditional glass ornaments or the imaginary snow falling outside of St. Mary’s Basilica during the wedding.  In a more utilitarian sense, Fabienne would do well for a wedding en plein air under the twinkling lights at the Boojum Tree’s Hidden Gardens on a frosty January evening. 


For fear of the wintry chill, many brides will chose an indoor wedding taking her party to a ballroom at the retro-chic Hotel Valley Ho.  This historic landmark calls for an offbeat gown, even when fitting into the traditional wintry theme.  Elizabeth Fillmore’s gown, Mia, rises to the challenge pairing a silk chiffon goddess gown that billows into the hem with a sparkling bed jacket formed of beaded tulle patchwork.  It is just this combination of the harsh and soft textures that calls to mind the garb of Narnia’s ice queen.  It is perfect for the non-traditional bride fitting into the traditional winter theme.


Robin and Karen from Weddings to Go also point out that a bit of Hollywood can be added to a wedding gown by topping a sexy sheath off with a sensuous faux fur wrap or cape.  These accessories are often last minute and can really add a touch of regal snow queen to an otherwise simple wedding gown.  Wedding Accessory Superstore comes to the rescue with a faux, white, artic-fox fur wrap to surround the shoulders with warmth as well as glamour.  This wrap would pair perfectly with Mariée’s Elizabeth Fillmore gown, Jade, with sequins dripping down the front of the bodice and skirt like icecicles.  The two garments together would cast a chill in anyone’s bones, nothing that the perfect red lipstick wouldn’t heat up. 


A winter themed wedding, whether it be traditional or edgy, is an opportunity to go for all out glamour.  Remember, a wedding gown should be purchased at least four months in advance.  So, despite the summer heat, brave the streets in search of your inner ice queen.


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