The Encore Bride’s Gown

Encore brides are style savvy and sophisticated, yet frequently bog down in the rules of tradition: Thou shall not wear white. Thou shall not wear a full dress.  Thou shall not look like a bride.  Throw it to the wind! Abide by one rule: If you look pretty in it, wear it.  Let’s break those old rules one by one.


Thou shall not wear white: Alfred Sung Bridals has created a beautiful, sophisticated, yet very white gown that is perfect in every respect for an encore bride.  It offers a bit of coverage in everyone’s favorite part of the body, the upper arm.  An internal corset holds in the waist and is covered with pleating that further cinches the middle.  The pleats gives way to a simple trumpet skirt that is both wedding and red-carpet worthy.  A simple, barely existent train can easily be swept up into a little French bustle so that the diva can show her stuff on the dance floor as the evening unfolds.


Thou shall not wear a full dress: Hailing from Barcelona, Pronovias collection has answered the call from Encore brides around the world.  They do not want to play down their relationship by wearing a subdued gown.  A full relationship calls for a full dress.  With Pronovias’ Esparta, the encore bride has the fullness she is looking for, but with an edge.  The simple, strapless bodice is capped of with a semi-casual, but totally couture, top.  It is not a jacket or a shrug; rather, it is an accent piece that takes this dress from first-time-around-traditional to second-time-around-couture and counteracts what traditional connotations the otherwise full dress may have had. 


Thou shall not look like a bride:  This is ridiculous, but probably the most common comment a bridal shop hears from an encore bride.  What is a bride of any age to look like if not a bride? The encore bride can both abide by this rule and toss it out at the same time.  Lea-Ann Belter is right there to help out with this contradiction in fabric.  Ms. Belter’s gown, Alyssa, is the best of both worlds.  It is neck to hem Alençon lace, the traditionalist’s bridal fabric of choice, thus putting it solidly in the bridal gown category.  Despite the lace, it has only the slightest of trains topped off with a whimsical silk chiffon sash that tosses about in the wind just like an encore bride’s caution.


At her encore performance, a bride does not shy away from the limelight and fade into the background.  The curtains part and she marches on stage to sing her long-awaited aria.  This is no time to be ashamed.  The perfect song, the perfect relationship, the perfect dress.


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