Summer Weddings

Marry In The Heat With Class

With some clever planning, your outdoor summer wedding can be hot in a very cool way.  To keep you and your guests, not to mention your candles, cake, flowers, favors and vendors from melting, incorporate these suggestions into your plans.


Start late!  The need for shade is eliminated although you may want tents, umbrellas and cabanas to give protection from the setting sun.  Keep in mind that concrete & brick patios and buildings absorb and hold the heat during the day then radiate it into the late hours of the night. Fine mist fans and micro-misting systems provide welcome relief but don’t place these too close to tables – they can soak both your guests and linens.   


Dress for the heat and don’t forget about the men in the wedding party.  Triple layers of a traditional tuxedo with jacket, vest and shirt may be too much in direct sun.  Breathable cotton and cabana coats are lighter in weight and much more comfortable.


Worried about photos?  Sunset shots can be taken within fifteen minutes before and after sunset, giving you thirty minutes of optimum lighting.  For after dark, professional photographers use both lighting features and flashes to highlight their subjects. 


Provide comfort for dancers.  A misting fan toward a rented wooden dance floor and even a patio area can become slick, but a dry breeze is welcome to dancers along with napkins or washcloths plunged into cool water and wrung out then passed on trays.  


Candles seem to morph when exposed to the sun’s glare, so opt for battery-operated faux candlelight that will neither melt nor extinguish.   Freeze your unity candle prior to the wedding day then bring it chilled to the site, placing it just before the ceremony starts.  Don’t forget to pull the wick straight up for lighting ease.  


If possible, have your cake placed on a rolling table to be wheeled over level ground after sunset, or schedule the set up to be done later, perhaps while everyone is occupied with dinner.   Remember heavy cake toppers can and will slide off the frosting when it softens in the heat.   If your bakery suggests freezing the layers, agree.


Allow your florist to guide your flower selection with tropical and heat-hearty blooms and greenery that won’t wilt or turn brown when exposed to the sun. 


Drink! Provide both water bottles and pitchers of fruit-infused ice water on hand.  One bride set up a “Watering Hole” at her summer reception. A sparkling water bar complete with staff, wine goblets, fresh fruits, berries and mint encouraged everyone to participate.  Be sensitive to out of town guests and those who wilt quickly in our heat and may need a cool place to retreat.


Encourage sun block and lip balm if in the sun and add mosquito repellent if outdoors during dusk. These items can be situated near the entrance for guests to use on their way to be seated for the ceremony.

If you’re using favors, keep in mind they, too, can be affected by the heat!  Chocolate is a no-no, as are votives, and other heat-sensitive treats – I’ve even seen M&M’s™ melt! 


Your wedding couldn’t be wonderful without your vendors.  Encourage them to dress for both the heat and your event, and provide a shady area to protect their equipment from sun exposure.  Your vendors need the same consideration as your guests and may require a fan for outdoor comfort. 

With a little planning, your hot summer wedding can be the ultimate in cool!


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