We live in a changing culture where the ideas and traditions surrounding love and marriage seem to be in flux all around us.  And while young couples are marrying for the first time, a growing number of people find themselves encountering love as an older adult or even starting a second marriage with kids.  Whether in our later years, or as a second chance at romance, one thing that hasn’t changed is our deep desire and growing capacity to love.


This past year began with a conversation with an amazing couple.  Each person had been through a divorce and yet was very excited for the future.  They both had beautiful children they adored and now found themselves in love again after years of being alone.  What was striking were their clear ideas of how they wanted the wedding and marriage to proceed the second time around. Their ideas will show up as “Hints.”


Instead of having a quick wedding and rushing off on the honeymoon many of these couples are opting for three or four day events that include activities for their friends and family to enjoy.  Golfing trips, days at the spa or horse back riding followed by a casual dinner at night help create an intimate environment and the inclusion of the important people in your life.  Hint, have your photographer along for the adventure. These are moments you won’t want to miss.


The Family Portrait becomes one of the central elements of the wedding.  This image represents your two families becoming one emotionally and physically.  Take a day to get away before the wedding to have some fun with your photographer at one of your favorite locations.  This photo session will get you and the kids excited about the wedding and allow your photographer to understand the family dynamic for the wedding day a bit better.  Hint, make sure to display the images for your guests to see. Everyone will appreciate the personal touch.


Another change that seems here to stay is having the group pictures start before the wedding.  This has become popular industry wide but has seemed of particular interest to older couples or those with kids.  Having your formal images taken earlier in the day allows you to enjoy your cocktail hour with all of your friends that traveled from out of town.  Hint, plan some time before your family arrives for you and your fiancé to see each other for the first time.  This makes for a really romantic moment.


Some couples have started to include the kids in the wedding day planning.  A good idea would be to have the kids choose the limo or the band as well as some of the food.  Events that include the kids by designating a play area set up with bounce rooms, ball pits or candy bars with every possible kind of sweet are always a hit.  Hint, adding a few special things to help include the kids will go a long way to make certain every guest is having a good time.  Don’t forget childcare.


Yes, we live in changing times with changing traditions and celebrations.  But what remains the same is the number of people who continue to find love on the second time around and decide to follow their hearts. This truly is a legacy worth living.


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