Penguin Alert

What woman doesn’t love a man in a tux?  We sure do!  But today’s grooms and groomsmen seem to be searching the streets for a little variety in the world of wedding attire.  After all, with brides and bridesmaids hitting the aisle with style, men want a part of the action too!  No longer are they restricted to a black and white tux.  No longer do they have to feel like a penguin! 


With the trend of beach weddings growing rapidly, lighter clothing and ‘cooler’ looks are in demand.  The ideas are endless to capture this beach look, whether the wedding is casual or more formal.  For a fun, dressed-down look, men can try Bermuda-style linen or silk shorts or pants with a silk button-up.  A long-sleeve button-up can be worn un-tucked with sleeves rolled up, and with a couple buttons undone at the collar.  John Fisher of Patrick James in Scottsdale’s Hilton Village has seen several bridal parties even choose a light silk t-shirt paired with silk or linen shorts and pants.  And who needs shoes on the beach – go barefoot and feel the sand between your toes.  If the sand is too hot or your guests need to be spared the sight of unmanicured feet, designers Mezlan and Cole Haan have an array of dressy sandals that are stylish and comfortable.  Both can be found at Patrick James in the Hilton Village.


To dress up the beach look a bit, try a linen-silk blend suit in beige, cream, or grey.  “A stitch effect on the edges of the jacket’s collar makes the look unique, modern, and classy,” says Fisher.  Combined with a white or light-colored collared shirt with a simple tie, the men on this beach will stay cool with style.


Watched too much Shark Week on Discovery and not going anywhere near a beach for your wedding?  Not to fear, we’ve got even more ideas to spice up men’s wedding wear.  Most men could use a new suit now and then, and what a better time to purchase one than before standing up for your best bud on his big day?  And, of course, a tux is always classic.  The common problem when opting for suits or a tux is finding ties that coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses.  As a solution, several bridesmaid dress designers like Jenny Yoo, Charsa, and Simple Silhouettes, will create ties off the same dye-lot as the bridesmaids’ dresses, perfectly coordinating the whole wedding party.  In addition, Charsa also creates cufflinks to bring together the wedding colors.


When trying to coordinate the men with your color scheme keep in mind it’s best to have them complement the girls.  It is not the time to spin the color wheel and bring in an entirely new hue for the groomsmen ties.  Imagine your bridesmaids in beautiful bright red dresses, but you also have visions of including orange and gold.  Now imagine this…. the maids in red dresses holding a mix of red and orange bouquets.  Sounds like it is all coming together beautifully, but let’s not forget the guys.  This is not the moment where you say to yourself, “let’s put the guys in purple ties!”  Color added to a tux is powerful, but it’s important to stick to a color that complements the bridesmaids’ dresses.


We all fall in love with adorable pengins, but with all the color options and different styles available out there, the men in our weddings are looking less like penguins, and yet we are still falling in love.  


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  1. Destin Beach Weddings Says:

    Beach weddings is a big trend for weddings and the brides and grooms look forward to beach wedding with much cooler clothing. The grooms will ware kaki pants and white shirts tails out for a cool beach wedding.

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