Loving Words from a Father

Dear Son,


As you prepare for you wedding day, never forget that you are fortunate to have found such a lovely, sincere, and intelligent woman to be your wife.  Remember this day is truly her fairy tale, her dream.  Whatever her vision is for this most special day, do whatever you can to make her dream a reality.


She has spent months trying on wedding dresses, working with a personal trainer, choosing her hairstyle, planning each and every detail to look her absolute best—for you.  You simply put on your tuxedo and you look great.


If she wants to take dance lessons and choreograph your first dance, heed the admonition of philosopher Ni-key —“Just do it!”


At the reception, be the perfect gentleman.  Pull out her chair.  Bring her a drink.


Offer a toast to your bride.  Compliment her and tell her, in front of family and friends, how much you love her. Thank her parents for all they have done to make this day possible and for raising such a wonderful daughter. 


Promise me that you WILL NOT smash wedding cake all over your bride’s face and hair.


You seem to know so much with your Master’s Degree.  But there will be times in your marriage when you just can’t figure it out.  Know that a woman’s heart beats beyond the laws of Aristotle’s logic.  The answer to almost any situation is simply to love her.


Even though you say that you are not looking for God, do not be surprised if God finds you.  I pray that you will keep an open mind and open your heart and soul to His love and power.


Throughout your marriage, throughout your life, remember that I will always be here to help in whatever way I can.


I am happy for you.  I am proud of you.  I love you.







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