Groom’s Day, Too

Grooms today are just as much involved in the planning process as the bride and brides are thrilled that their men are taking on more responsibility and getting involved in making many of the decisions regarding their special day.  The groom’s contribution may vary depending on the type of wedding the couple chooses, but nowadays most grooms are older and getting married at a later age, so they are more savvy in handling their own finances and comfortable paying for the things that mean the most to them as a couple.


Still the most popular involvement for grooms revolves around choosing the music and what to serve at the bar.   This is an easy way to start the planning process as they are comfortable dealing and making decisions on these two details, and the bride is usually always comfortable with the decisions and gives her a sense of pride that the groom is becoming a joint partner in the planning process.


After those details have been established, choosing flowers, décor and other details for the wedding becomes very comfortable for both the bride and groom and the groom actually begins to truly enjoy helping and working together with his future wife in making the wedding day filled with the decisions made together.


The rehearsal dinner is another part of the wedding weekend that many grooms choose to be involved, especially if his family is hosting the event.  This is where his style and taste can truly shine in putting a memorable evening together.


Besides helping with the planning details, the groom still needs to choose his wedding attire.  Though styles have come and gone through the years, the most popular by far is still the traditional classic tux, followed by a custom suit and suits for his groomsmen.  Once the bride and broom have decided on the “look” for the wedding, the groom will advise the other members of the wedding party, including the groomsmen, ushers, fathers and grandfathers of the chosen attire and help them with all the details in reserving and rental of the attire.


Weddings are not just a one-day affair anymore and the guys are now enjoying pre-wedding activities just as much as the girls.  Grooms want to incorporate events that can include everyone from the groomsmen, ushers, fathers and grandfathers and one of the most enjoyable and popular is golf.  Golf outings and/or mini tournaments are usually planned for the Friday before the wedding and it’s a great way for all the guys to get to know one another before the big day.  Other activities for the guys can include wilderness adventures, balloon rides, boating, wine tasting, cigar party, or even a day trip to Vegas.


Since there are so many details to every wedding and the decisions are endless, having your professional wedding consultant there to help you every step of the way with ideas, suggestions and recommendations can only ensure that your event will be an incredible occasion to remember forever.


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