Deja Vu

You are planning your wedding reception and either you or your fiancé has been married before.  Most likely, you will want this reception to be different from your prior reception.  It is of utmost importance that you talk in depth with each other and discuss what you do and don’t want.  In your discussions, consider the following:


If your “first wedding” dress had a train that ran from here to Tucson, you probably want to wear something less elaborate.  Bridal shops have wonderful choices for a dress that looks and feels just right.  For your groom, many varied tuxedo styles are available.


If you or your fiancé already has children, ask them to be a part of your wedding.  This communicates to them how important they are to both of you.  Let them help decide what to wear and ask for their opinions in the overall planning.


If the first reception was held at an upscale resort, consider a unique location such as the zoo, a museum, or a romantic garden.  Or, get away with a destination wedding to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, or beyond.


Instead of a four-course dinner, you may opt for food stations.  Your guests will have the freedom to choose what to eat and how much to take.  The carving station offers freshly sliced beef or turkey, the simmering garlic lures them to the pasta station, and salad and vegetables complete the meal. 


If this reception is more casual, heavy hors d’ oeuvres may be substantial enough to satisfy, but not stuff, your guests.  You can save the wedding cake for dessert.


Your deejay is here to help with the music selections.  Music has the awesome power to evoke and create memories.  The song for your first dance as husband and wife will not be the same one played at your “ex-reception.”  Choose a song that uniquely reflects your relationship.  Talk with your deejay and compile a “do play” and “don’t play” list of songs and artists.


Consider a special dance with the children.  This can be a slow song that ends with you, your now-husband, and the kids in one big “group hug.”  Or, you may all wish to begin dancing to the song “We Are Family” and have your deejay invite everyone to join you on the dance floor.


If you don’t want to have a bouquet toss, consider having an Anniversary Dance.  Here, all the married couples are invited to the dance floor.  As a slow song plays, your deejay will ask for all those married less than one year to move to the side of the dance floor.  He will subsequently ask for those married less than five years, less than ten years, to move to the side.  He keeps going until there is one couple remaining who will be the longest married.  You will then present your bouquet to this couple.


There are endless ideas and possibilities for your wedding and for your new life together.  In planning your reception, don’t hesitate to ask your professional deejay for suggestions.  He has been there, done that.


Déjà vu—only better this time.


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