Cool Summer Weddings

Cool Ideas for a Summer Wedding…


Outdoor weddings in 100 plus degrees scorch?  If you’ve chosen to start your marriage on a hot, or high temperature, you’ll want to make sure to keep everyone and everything else cool.  Consider these heat-busters to keep your summer reception from becoming a meltdown.


Late evening is the optimum time for outdoor summer weddings and choosing a locale that provides shade or a place where those extra sensitive to the heat can chill out is a must.  Tents, umbrellas and cabanas give protection from the sun. Concrete & brick patios and buildings absorb and hold the heat during the day then radiate it into the late hours of the night. Fine mist fans and micro-misting systems provide welcome relief. 


Don’t forget about your dance area – keep it covered.  For safety and water damage reasons, you won’t be able to turn a misting fan toward a rented wooden dance floor or even a patio area that can become slick, but plan on a dry fan just to blow some breeze toward the dancers.  Remember to have candles under glass as protection from fans, summer breezes, and misting systems.  Be sure to dress appropriately for the heat, including considering what the gentlemen wear.  Traditional tuxedo layers may be too much for some in our high temperatures.   


Keep yourself and everyone else hydrated!  A simple way to is to have both water bottles and pitchers of fruit infused ice water on hand.  Fruits that provide potassium will boost guests who feel weak from the heat.  Place a sign on your guest tables that ask guests to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink to stay hydrated.  This is especially important for out of town guests who are not used to our arid heat.  You can always encourage guests to wet their whistle by giving personalized glasses as favors to use at a water buffet with an assortment of bottled waters including sparkling waters, ice, fresh mint leaves, a variety of sliced citrus and berries, and fresh ground ginger. 


Don’t forget sun block and lip balm if you’ll be in the sun, even during the ceremony. Dusk can bring mosquitoes so be prepared with bug spray, wipes, citronella oils, candles and some anti-itch medicine just in case.  These items can be situated near the entrance for guests to use on their way to be seated for the ceremony.


Seven and eight p.m. weddings go hand in hand with frosty summer drinks and airy appetizers as well as iced lattes and an array of refreshing, cool desserts.  Stations of fresh made lemonade, limeade and peach tea made with real steeped peaches are all crowd pleasers that slake a thirst and lend themselves well to spiking if so desired.  Sangria, chilled and loaded with summer’s freshest fruits, is a refreshing choice.


Napkins or washcloths plunged into cool water and wrung out, passed on trays, are most welcomed both after dinner and when dancing.


Finally, don’t forget your vendors!  Allow them to dress appropriately for both your event style and their job, provide plenty of water, and locate an area they may store equipment that is heat sensitive.   Vendors are as susceptible to the heat as everyone else – shaded areas and fans should be provided to those stationed outdoors. 


At your summer reception, the only sizzle should come from the two of you.



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