Casual & Formal Invitations

You’re taking the plunge and getting married again.  Congratulations! Now you’re wondering to have a big, elaborate affair or a quiet, low-key wedding. Our advice is similar to what we tell our first-time brides. “It’s your wedding; do it the way that makes you happy.”  This is a momentous event. You’re making a commitment, and to celebrate that, the wedding should reflect the joy in which you are entering it.


And, when planning any wedding, there are an abundance of choices of invitations and prices. Good stationery stores are set up to help second-time brides select invitations that are beautiful and tasteful, and reflective of their current life situation.


One lovely second-marriage couple merged their five children in their new union and crafted an invitation that included all the children’s names.


Another customer who was a widow included her only son in the invitation wording: “Denise Jones and Mark Smith invite you to join them as they celebrate their wedding, and together with their son Winston Jones, become one family.” (Divorced couples will want to make sure their ex-spouses are comfortable with such wording.)

And Mike and Sharon, who were marrying for the second time in their 60s, opted to go all out with custom engraved invitations that reflected their happiness.


Even if you choose to have a small, family wedding, there are beautiful yet simple invitations to reflect that decision.


The choice is yours.  Once you have selected an invitation that reflects your style and that of the wedding, the biggest dilemma can often be the wording.  Whether or not to include their parents is often a question that comes up in wording an invitation, especially for older couples.  In most of these cases, the couple is paying for their own wedding and they often feel too old to have their parents issuing the invitation.  Again, the choice is theirs such as:


The honour of your presence is requested
at the marriage of
Elizabeth Jane
John Henry Smith
Sunday, the third of July

two thousand seven
at five o’clock
St. Gregory’s Church
Woodstock, New York


Or, if you prefer to honor your parents without actually printing their names, add “Together with their parents” or if yours involve children, “Together with their children” – listing their names or not.  Your experienced invitation consultant can assist you with selecting the perfect invitation for your wedding, and suggest wording to reflect your desires.


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