Blushing Brides and Bridesmaids of a Certain Age…

Getting married and a little past twenty-five?  Don’t fret – there are many options out there for the more sophisticated bridal party.  No matter what your age, or whether this is your first or second time around, this is your day to shine.


Young girls often dream of that Cinderella ball gown look, and it’s adorable in one’s youth.  However, we’re certain Cinderella would have updated her style if Prince Charming had come along a twenty years later in life.  There is no one sillier than a mature woman trying to recapture her long-gone youth.  To look youthful—dress your age.


To achieve a more sophisticated look for a grown-up bridal party, there are several ideas you can incorporate.  First off, pink is out.  Come on ladies, every toddler’s favorite color is light pink – we’ve moved on.  Generally speaking, darker shades tend to be more elegant, and camouflage those parts on our bodies that just aren’t what they used to be.  Thank Goodness for Spanx!


As far as style goes, look for designers who offer more mature silhouettes.  Check out Badgley Mischka, Jim Hjelm, and Lazaro.  Stay away from too many bows or flowers stuck on in weird places, and definitely steer clear of any poof.  Instead, an interesting or amusing neckline works well as does a straight or soft a-line skirt. 


Beware of the hair scare –in other words, be careful with extravagant updos.  If wearing your hair up, keep it loose and natural.  Don’t break out the old school Aqua Net… an entire can of hairspray is not your friend.  When perusing magazines, look through fashion magazines as well as bridal books to find styles that fit your savvy personality. 


Above all, exude the confidence and sophistication you have acquired throughout the years.


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