Bridal Salon

Hot New Salon in Town…Uptown, That Is

Droves of “Zonies” follow the snowbirds back to their Midwestern nests for the hot summer months.  As they do this, Arizona resorts discount rooms and prepare to hold down the fort during a long, wedding-less, dry spell lasting the summer months.   What they are leaving behind is an exotic locale fit for the wedding of a modern Cleopatra under a billowing tent with the scent of lilies filling the air. 


Of course, the first thing a bride considers when imagining her exotic desert wedding is what to wear when it is so hot.  Yes, bridal salons are filled with duchess satin gowns involving layer upon layer of crinoline, but there are other gowns out there for this desert queen. 


New to Mariée of Old Town Scottsdale, London-based designer, Jenny Packham, captures the drama of Liz Taylor as Cleopatra via sparkling, bias cut chiffon and tulle.  The lightness of the fabrics catches even the slightest of desert breezes. 


Take, for example, Jenny Packham’s Papillion.  This gown evokes an Erte reverie of sizzling summer nights involving plenty of shimmer lotion and black eyeliner.   Often slim-line dresses do not seem “bridal” enough for brides-to-be.   According to Cicely of Life Design Events, “Something light, slinky, and flowing can be just as beautiful and romantic as a ball gown.”  Jenny Packham’s Papillion is for a bride fit to be a desert queen.  The ethereal nature of the tulle fits into the natural surroundings of the desert and is perfect for lounging in a wedding tent strewn with large pillows for sitting.  The Swarovski crystal bodice captures every speck of light from the sun and is just as bedazzling when mirroring the subtle glow of the desert moon. 


Some desert queens, or even goddesses, prefer a more botanical location in which to throw their soiree.  They, therefore, require a more subtle gown that flows over her form allowing for a movement of air.   Chandler’s newest (and chicest) bridal salon, Uptown Bridal, carries Destinations by Mon Cherie.  These gowns are befitting of another epic, desert femme fatale, Aphrodite.  Mimicking both the fine pleated linen of Egyptian royal garments as well the folds seen in Greek sculpture, Mon Cherie’s Destinations gowns are perfect for that botanical desert setting where the environ is lush with soft petals, but the temperature is harsh. 


According to Uptown Bridal’s Tonia Tinker, “Uptown Bridal also features ‘Just Married’ tank tops, flip flops, beach totes, and bikinis, to complete the perfect summer bride look.”  So, after our desert queen has tied the knot, she’ll be sweltering hot in her “Just Married” bikini as she trails off into the desert following the shimmering mirage that promises a refreshing pool just as luxurious as the Phoenician’s.


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