Trends in Invitations…Anything Goes

If your wedding is scheduled for this year, you have a lot of new choices as trends continue to evolve.  Here are some of the newest we’re seeing in wedding invitations for the upcoming year.


As couples continue to use more unique color schemes for their weddings and receptions, the invitation industry is working hard to provide more options to help them set the tone for their wedding day.  Invitation designers have come out with many new paper color options including oranges, reds, blacks and greens.  In the past, these colors were taboo for weddings, but couples continue to personalize their weddings by using their favorite colors and many like to reflect those colors in the invitation.


The popularity of destination weddings continues to grow, as do weddings centered around a particular season or holiday.  With the demand growing for more theme oriented invitations, the designers have come through with many that are perfect for destination weddings – whether it’s on the beach, a mountain top, cruise ship or in Vegas.  If you are planning a seasonal or holiday-themed wedding, there are more choices than ever from which you can select.  While in the past many of the theme invitations were quite whimsical and casual, designers now create more elegant invitations for theme and destination weddings. You don’t have to have beach chairs or snowmen on your invitation – unless you want them.  


Another great trend for this year involves our invitation suppliers giving couples more options to take a standard invitation and customize it to better fit their style.  Different colored papers, size options as well as unique text layouts help customize your invitation.  Our brides of 2006 can now create what looks like a custom invitation without paying the custom price.


Ribbons have long been a popular addition to invitations, and while they continue to be, they’re being used in new ways.  Now they’re often featured as a layer or as a way to secure your reception and response cards.  And other new types of embellishments are popping up – rhinestones in all shapes, colors and sizes are quite popular not only on invitations, but menu cards and place cards.  Using beautiful fabrics, whether as a wrap for the invitation or sewn to create an invitation pocket are also becoming more popular. 


While this printing method has been around for centuries, it is continuing to gain popularity for wedding invitations.  This style is routinely featured in all of the wedding magazines and has quite a distinctive look.  Although it is not an inexpensive process it is unique and elegant and gives couples another way to make their wedding day invitation stand out.


And always remember, whatever you want for your wedding is what you should pursue.  Trends are simply a glimpse into what can be, not what has to be.  Your invitation experts can show you what’s new – but meeting your tastes – and that of your groom-to-be, are what’s most important.  Have a wondrous New Year.



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