Summertime Weddings Are HOT!

Some of the best memories of little girls growing up are spending long, lazy days outside in a bathing suit and wearing flip-flops.  There were days when all that was needed was a sprinkler to run through.  In addition to, of course, the times spent trying to fry an egg on the sidewalk.  That carefree feeling and philosophy of discovery make a wonderful basis for successful summer bridal parties.  So girls, get out the sunscreen and some cold lemonade and embrace having your special events take place during the lazy days of summer. 


Escape the heat and jump-start your celebration by throwing a quaint “girls only” get together with a bridal themed movie marathon.   The best wedding movies include The Wedding Planner, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Father of the Bride, and My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Finally, take out those bridal newspapers and magazines you’ve waited a lifetime to use and start hunting for the perfect wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses. 


For the engagement party, plan a backyard BBQ including swimming, watermelon, popsicles, and drinks with umbrellas.  Maybe even break out the old slip-n-slide and make it a contest! 


Tired of sitting around in a circle and small-talking your way through another bridal shower?  Splurge and get a suite at one of our fabulous hotels!  Open up gifts over breakfast then spend the day at a bar-side pool or on the lazy river.  A great idea for a summer bachelorette party is to hit the nighttime hot spots wearing tank tops embellished with crystals spelling bride and bridesmaid, paired with jeans and flip flops. 


Try choosing fun and flirty bridesmaid dresses for your summer wedding.  Put your bridal party in knee length dresses to show off their tans.  Remember that pastels are picture perfect this time of the year.  You can really be free and have fun with light fabrics such as organza, chiffon, seersucker, or eyelet – or be unique and choose a striped or floral pattern.


Instead of worrying about how hot it is outside, take advantage of it!  After all, a group of your best friends all sitting around comparing whose fingers look the most like raisins could be a lasting wedding memory you will always hold dear in your heart.


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