Something Different, Theme Weddings

 For those who choose to dance to the beat of a different drummer, weddings today are as unique and creative as the couples who are marrying.  The options are as varied as their personalities.  So for those who want to put a spin on tradition, you are only limited by your imagination.  So if the traditional just seems downright boring, think about a non-traditional or themed wedding or venue.


Consider the ceremony on a beach and then celebrate with a traditional New England style clambake, or in a barn with a square-dance reception.  There are Art Deco or Black and White Weddings, where everything from the invitations to the decorations are in black or white or both.


You can choose a nautical theme, where the wedding takes place on a yacht, boat or beach with signal flags spelling your names, and wearing a straw boater hat instead of a veil.  Of course, the guys in blazers, seashell centerpieces and a scrumptious seafood buffet.


For a Mardi Gras wedding, a jazz band is a must, as well as gumbo, spicy jambalaya, crawfish and an oyster bar.  Don’t forget those Hurricane drinks, and after the ceremony, toss some of beads and carnival trinkets instead of the traditional birdseed or bubbles.  Later in the evening, pass out exotic masks with feathers and glitter to dance the night away.


For a more tropical feel, put on a traditional luau complete with pu pu platters and mai tais drinks.  Surround the area with tiki torches, orchids, flowering ginger and palm fronds.  Don’t forget the flower leis for the bridal party and/or guests.


The Provencal or Viennese wedding would consist of French bread and cheese, bouillabaisse, red and white wines, dancing to waltzes and ball gowns and white tie.  Finish off the evening by serving caviar, elaborate desserts and the much-awaited departure in a horse-drawn carriage.


Besides some of the ideas outlined above, you might consider a seasonal or holiday wedding, a Victorian celebration or even a mystery wedding, where the guests are invited to a party, but aren’t informed it’s a wedding till they are at the ceremony.  Then, they are given clues as to how to the find the reception.  Also, the groomsmen are wearing trench coats and dark glasses.


Other possible sites to consider when planning something different: A Marina or shipyard, Art Gallery, Museum, Airplane Hanger, College Campus, Pier, Amusement Park, Train Station, School Gymnasium or Classroom, Winery, Indoor Greenhouse, Public Park, Skating Rink, Racetrack, Barn, Warehouse, Department Store (after hours), Office Building Lobby or Atrium, Theatre or Movie Theater.

For other, non-traditional locations and/or venues, always consult your professional wedding coordinator, who besides helping you plan the perfect themed wedding, can help handle and eliminate any extra challenges staging a wedding and/or reception at any out-of-the-ordinary location or venue can present.


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