Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Just like your wedding day, you’ll want your wedding shoes to be absolutely perfect.  Here are a few tips and things to consider when shopping for wedding shoes.


The perfect wedding shoes will need to be many things, but mostly, they must be comfortable.  Remember, you’ll be walking down the aisle, posing for photographs, greeting guests, cutting the cake, and possibly dancing in your bridal shoes.  This will add up to hours and hours on your feet.  So be sure, above all else, to choose comfortable as well as gorgeous shoes


The heel height of your wedding shoes is of utmost importance.  Your dress will be fitted to accommodate the height of your bridal shoes, and if you’re not comfortable in really high heels, your wedding may not be the best time to try them.  If you want a bit of added height, but aren’t used to stilettos, you can consider platform heels, or lower kitten heels.


When shopping for wedding shoes, be sure to shop toward the end of the day.  Feet swell over the course of a day, and you’ll want to try on shoes when your feet are at their largest.  Also, if you’ll be wearing stockings on your wedding day, be sure to wear them when trying on your bridal shoes.


All whites are not all created equal.  Be sure, when choosing your wedding shoes to take a swatch of fabric from your wedding dress.  If the shoes you must have don’t match, a bridal rinse can help tone them down to work with your gown.


When trying on wedding dresses, take along shoes in a height similar to the shoes you’ll be wearing at the wedding.  For final alterations, have your actual bridal shoes with you if possible.  The hem of your dress will be determined by the shoes you’ll be wearing, so it is essential to pick your heel height before the final fitting.


Fancy shoes for a simple dress; or simple shoes with an elaborate gown.  This rule of thumb can help take some of the confusion out of finding the right bridal shoes.  Still confused?   Match the embellishments on your dress.   Rhinestone or crystals on your shoes will go well with bejeweled or shiny, sequined dresses; while beaded shoes will work nicely with pearled dresses.


“Breaking in” your shoes is important to prevent sore tootsies at your reception.  Wear your shoes in the house.  Be sure to walk and stand in them, until you know they will be comfortable for at least five to eight hours.  You may decide that for your reception, you’d like to wear a more comfortable pair of shoes.  Then by all means take an extra pair with the same heel for your reception.


The aisle you’ll be walking down may be carpeted, or you may find that the reception hall has slick floors.  Either surface can be difficult to walk or dance on, especially in your wedding shoes.  You might want to consider adding self-adhesive sole pads to the bottoms of your shoes for added traction; alternatively, you can use sandpaper to scuff the soles.


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