Samantha Smith, Live Event Painter

Is there a bridal gift for the bride and groom who have EVERYTHING?  A gift so unique that no one would dream of returning it?  A gift so personal it will touch the hearts of everyone who sees it?  The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES.


Samantha Smith, a live event painter, creates high-end treasures and keepsakes for all occasions. Still in her twenties, Samantha owns her own company, Paintings by Samantha, LLC.  She is commissioned by billionaires to paint their daughters’ weddings, graduation parties, sweet sixteen parties, intimate parties and even eightieth birthday parties.  From baby showers to fashion shows; from jazz festivals to bar mitzvahs; from crazy hat parties to weddings; Samantha and her work are in great demand around the valley.


Ms. Smith employs a primitive style similar to that of a very famous painter, Anna Roberts (more famously known as Grandma Moses).  Samantha uses the colors of the event accented with lots of black and white lines to make all the important figures stand out.  It is an intriguing style that lends itself well to her wonderful representations of weddings and other festive parties.


Sometimes having Samantha paint the live event is the gift and at other times she creates a painting from a photograph.  Samantha says children are drawn to her work.  “Kids will stand inches away from me as I paint and watch to see if I put them in the painting.”


When asked about her goals, Samantha can regale you with wonderful dreams which could include painting a Donald Trump engagement party (again?), a Presidential Inaugural Ball or anything Oprah Winfrey could possibly ask for.  When Oprah calls, Samantha is ready.


Samantha, in her ever present French beret, is a petite bundle of energy with flashing brown eyes that miss nothing of the swirling party or event she is commissioned to paint.  To listen to Samantha’s dreams for her future is to know that she is headed for greater and greater fame. 

Samantha can be reached at her Scottsdale studio 480-343-4722 or at


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