Music — Mix and Match

Your parents want live music for your wedding and you want a deejay.  A combination of both can keep everyone happy.  There are many possibilities; the most popular option is to have live music for the ceremony and a deejay for the reception. 


Traditional ceremony choices are a string quartet, harpist, guitarist, or keyboard player.  Besides being classy and elegant, live musicians can extend the length of the processional music if the bridal party is taking a little longer to walk down the aisle than anticipated.  Deejays are limited to the length of the prerecorded song.  A CD can be restarted from the beginning, but the power of the song and the drama of the moment are diminished.  A deejay, however, may be the best ceremony choice if you want to hear New Age compositions for the prelude, the distinct sound of Enya for the processional, and U2’s “Beautiful Day” for the recessional.


If you are planning a cocktail hour before your guests enter the ballroom, the ceremony musicians can perform here as well.  The largest part of the cost for live music is for the first hour of performance.  The cost for an additional hour of cocktail music can be a relative bargain.  When guests enter the ballroom, they are greeted by music from the deejay.  The deejay continues to play for the reception dinner and dancing.


Another exciting combination for the reception is to have both a live band and a deejay.  When the band takes a break, the deejay plays.  Typically, the band plays time-tested, traditional dance music.  Mom and Dad are happy that they can dance to music that was popular in their day.  But this is your day and the deejay can easily play whatever you want—current hip hop, club dance, alterative rock, reggae—you name it!  The band/deejay combo truly is the best of both worlds.


Mix and match live music and deejay music any way you please.  Consider having mariachis play during dinner and the deejay starting dance tunes after the meal.  Just imagine the wonderful, personal mix of music you can create using live musicians and a lively deejay.


Now, is everybody happy?


You bet.


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