Interesting Wedding Factoids

The typical bride is 27 and her groom is 29.  One third of these couples pay for their own weddings.  Remarrying couples are 32 and 37.


The average wedding in the Valley of the Sun costs $28,000.  A higher cost of living has driven the price up in recent years, but also contributing is the desire of the couple for a ritzy-ditzy wedding with all the frills.


Brides and grooms are looking for the unique.  Weddings in The Botanical Garden, The Phoenix Zoo, or The Heard Museum get more popular every year.  However 85% of all couples still opt for a church or synagogue.


More than half the weddings take place in late afternoon with a reception immediately following in the evening.


The average number of attendants has now reached ten.


The average engagement is sixteen months.


Four out of five brides are employed.


As weddings become more and more elaborate, hiring a wedding and event planner to direct the wedding and reception is gaining in popularity.


Professionally produced videos/CDs are gaining in popularity.  Soon the videographer will be as important as the photographer.  There are some who believe the time is NOW.


Cash is the most desired wedding gift.  Nearly half of all bridal couples spend a lot more than they intended.


The average number of guests invited is 215, with an average of 161 actually showing up.


Hawaii is the favorite honeymoon destination.  Longer, more exotic honeymoons are the dream of most couples.


Four out of ten marriages are the second time around for one or both of the bridal partners.


More than half of all legal unions begin with a trial marriage.  Zadie refers to this as “living in sin.”


Many bridal designers are adding special embellishments to the back of the wedding gown, since the main focus is on the bride as she walks down the aisle, or moves around the dance floor.  Dramatic lace-up backs add a touch of romance and glamour to the back of the dress.


Wedding day jewelry is almost always white – as in diamonds, pearls or crystals.  New trends in earrings are chandeliers, three tier drop earrings, dangling jewels called stiletto and floral inspired diamond earrings.


Destination weddings which combine the honeymoon and wedding ceremony are gaining in popularity – they are now one in ten.  Cruise ships are getting in on this phenomenon.


Honeymoons are now an $8 billion-a-year industry.


The average honeymoon costs $3,700.00 – three times as much as the average US vacation and lasts eight days.


Weddings performed annually – Las Vegas 100,000, Hawaii 20,000, Phoenix 28,000.


American studies show it is still unacceptable for a groom to wear a Speedo on his honeymoon…don’t even mention the father of the bride in his!!


Giving a toaster as a wedding gift is an old wives’ tale – people don’t!


Flower girls and ring bearers are genetically incapable of walking straight down the aisle!


If you allow more than three people to lead a toast with champagne, you are asking for trouble.


Don’t hand anyone the microphone who admits to drinking more than three glasses of champagne; don’t trust anyone who claims to have drunk fewer.


Sources for this article are The Bridal News Network,, The Palm Beach Post,, The International Institute of Weddings, Modern Bride Magazine and the very creative researchers at The Wedding Chronicle.


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