Hot Shots, Summer Savings

Has the Arizona heat created a chilling effect on your summer wedding dreams?  This need not be the case.  Arizona has many options for amazing wedding photography during the summer months.  As more brides are placing their wedding photography at the top of their list of priorities, choosing the right time of year to have your wedding has become a very important decision.  However many brides-to-be are opting out of summer weddings because of concerns that the heat will ruin the pictures and cook their guests.  


The scorching summer heat has rightfully earned a reputation as a photo-session faux pas in years past.  However great wedding photography and the overheated summer months don’t have to be at odds with each other.  Summer weddings can be looked at as a creative opportunity for those of you who like to think outside the box.


Inside or outside, that is the question?   Let’s be realistic.  When the thermostat reaches 115 degrees, the last place you want to be in a wedding dress is outside in the bright noon sun.  The good news is that there are many exquisite venues that will allow for amazing indoor weddings. Many people think indoor pictures don’t look as good.  Brides often say “I hate those pictures where everyone has redeye or a big black shadow behind their head from the flash.”  These issues as well as harsh color casts from tungsten or florescent lights need not be a problem.  By choosing a professional photographer trained in multiple lighting techniques and styles you can rest assured that your wedding pictures will have a beautiful glow.  If outside photography is a must for you there are many garden and resort options that can provide you a shaded location for your wedding and family portraits.


Northern climate is a fashionable favorite!  When it comes to summer weddings altitude can make all the difference in your attitude.  If you want to keep your cool in more ways than one, Northern Arizona is a welcome retreat from the heat.  The desert highlands and the pine tree forests are full of opportunities for creative and unique images of you and your heart throb.  Set to a backdrop of some of the state’s most diverse landscapes, these images will leap out at you.  From Show Low to Kingman, Prescott to Page and everything in between, Northern Arizona weddings can be as much about elegance as adventure.  The advantages are numerous for photography.  Many brides make deep connections with their wedding location.  Beautiful images from the lakes, aspen groves or the red rocks simply look great in your final coffee table album.  It is also great way to remember your commitment and your love for one another by placing a striking landscape image on the walls of your home.  Additionally the northern climate has a completely different kind of light which can make for flattering images.


Hot Summer Savings.  One of the main advantages to having your wedding in the summer is the savings.  Many of the best photographers in the valley regularly book up during the spring and fall season.  Most however will see business slow down during the summer months.  If you are a savvy shopper you can find many sought-after photographers available on your summer wedding date.  Because of the summer slowdown in the number of weddings, you may also be able to find your photographer of choice who will offer a special “off-season” discount or incentive.


Summer photo style—Be yourself!  Fashion-infused, avant-garde wedding images are in style for many art-conscious brides.   Taking some extra time to shoot dynamic images in art galleries or coffee shops or in other fun locations is quickly becoming the rage.  What a great time to let loose and have some fun.  The best wedding photography always captures your natural personality.  Brainstorm a few locations that you think would be fun for your fashion shoot during or before your wedding day and discuss the details with your photographer.


Summer Safari Sessions.   His recent proposal has turned the temperature up in your relationship. Sparks are flying, and romance is in the air.  It is time to sneak away for a destination engagement session.  Whether dancing on the beach, hiking in the red rocks, or sailing in the Pacific, your engagement photo shoot should be anything but boring.  The summer is a perfect time to plan an exotic engagement photo session.  This day session can take advantage of your personal interests and will deliver truly one-of-a-kind images. 

So as you can see the “dry” Arizona heat can be your friend if you are creative with your wedding vision.


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