Here Come the Bridesmaids!

Weddings featured in magazines are not just for celebrities anymore.  With so many new ideas from designers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making a bridal party fashion statement.


Getting down to choosing your perfect bridal party dresses can be overwhelming.  After all, these pictures will be displayed in your home for the next 50 years of your wedded bliss, so they better be eye-catching! 


Bridesmaids’ fashions are changing with the times.  While a simple strapless a-line will never go out of style and is always an elegant look, designers are hearing the requests of brides out there and introducing new necklines, color schemes, and patterned fabric.  The dresses shown on these pages don’t look like your typical bridesmaid dresses.  They are unique and fun, and can truly be worn again.  


One of the biggest challenges for a bride is trying to please each and every girl in her bridal party, especially when it comes time to ask them to pay for a bridesmaid’s dress…ouch!  Because of this, there is a new trend emerging.  Brides all over town are starting to include that cost into the overall wedding budget.  The bride instantly becomes guilt free, gets the dress she dreams of having in pictures, and the bridesmaids’ gifts are already purchased, and including an extra $1200 in the wedding budget can save brides and their families a lot of stress. 


Sure, the etiquette mamas might say differently, but today’s Arizona brides are modern, independent, and savvy – as are their best girlfriends.  We do not all live in the same city, state, or even sometimes the same country.  Wanting these girls to be in the wedding requires asking many of them to pay for travel.  What could be a better gift than a dress they can wear at their next soiree? 


San Francisco designer, Charsa, has mixed colors within one dress and added fun necklines as an alternative to a strapless cut.  Still elegant and appropriate for a wedding, this designer has recognized that today’s modern bride may want to leap out of the norm and have some fun with bridesmaid fashions. 


Up-and-coming New York designer, Elon Michelle, has added short and flirty, and very affordable, designs to her collection of full-length gowns, broadening her brides’ options even further.  


Another trend seen growing in New York is bringing back hints of the vintage look.  Designer Kathlin Argiro has captured this sophisticated and classic style, including vintage floral sashes and vintage floral print fabric as a choice for her designs.


And let’s not forget the littlest girlfriend in the bridal party; the flower girl.   The year 2006 means no longer creating a “Mini Me.”  The fun new trend is to coordinate the flower girl with the bridesmaid’s dresses.  For example, if the bridal party were wearing chocolate brown with blue trim the flower girl would look adorable in either the opposite combination or a solid blue.   She will still feel like the little princess she is, but won’t look like a mini-bride.


Whether trying something new, or wanting a classic style for her bridesmaids’ dresses, the biggest growing trend is giving her and endless array of choices in order to let her create the perfect bridal party look she has always imagined. 



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