Dazzle Your Guests

Lucky you!  This year’s brides have more choices than ever when it comes to cuisine and your wedding is an excellent opportunity to show your taste and style. Wedding catering trends for 2006 are showy, colorful, and personalized, presenting an air of vibrant celebration to your wedding reception.        


Not only is the food important, the presentation is equally so, creating a demand for stylish rentals from linens to china to specialty tables and chairs.  Infuse your reception with vibrancy by using purples, hot pinks and reds on the tables, china, stemware, and as part of the meal, either as serving dishes or the food itself.   


For starters, brides are choosing elegant and out of the ordinary appetizers instead of cheese and crackers, vegetables and dips or fruit trays.  Bite sized morsels are served both individually, such as on cutlery or edible shaped spoons, and in mini glasses, cups, bowls and plates.  To keep guests mingling, appetizers are butler passed during cocktails about one hour before guests are seated. Think organic, flavorful, hot and fresh, with a variety of tastes to please both vegetarians and carnivores.  Caviar is playing a starring role in wedding trends from the traditional presentation served with toast points to being used as a topping or garnish.


Some brides are skipping a traditional dinner and opting for heavier passed appetizers and active hors d’oeurve stations with an ethnic twist for a more casual yet festive atmosphere.  Mezzo tables, tapas, and even comfort foods such as homemade macaroni and cheese topped with bacon or blue cheese crumbles are being served in champagne glasses with cocktail forks.  Soup sips remain popular when served in shot glasses.  Garnish is necessary to capture the perfect taste and a visible part of food embellishment.


More signature cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, served in colorful glassware are served.  Colored sugar crystals, curled citrus rinds, flowers and sprigs of rosemary as stirrers along with fanciful glass clips are showing up in drinks.


Personalize and let your heritage shine!  2006 weddings highlight your family traditions.  Upscale a backyard barbeque to a clam and lobster bake, supply a soup course of Irish corned beef and potato soup, or serve a lovely Italian dinner “family style.  Provide menu cards at each place setting or on the buffet that tells something about your choice.


During a seated dinner, an intermezzo course (a small “taste” to cleanse the palate between the salad and entrée) of a shot of cold soup such as Raspberry-Lime or a fruit sorbet will surprise your guests and add a stylish air to your reception.


Individually created desserts at a sweets bar for self-service or plated with swirls of glaze or “paint” follows dinner along with cordials or a coffee/expresso bar with whipped cream, sprinkles, orange rind and flavor additives.  


The latest bang is the “afterglow” served later in the evening when the dancing is well underway. Hot pretzel bars, hot cocoa on teacarts, mini bags of spiced nuts, trays of miniature milkshakes, frozen Dove Bars, and fresh baked cookies and milk are a welcome sight, and taste, to exhausted dancers who need a break and pick me up.   


Brides of 2006, you have your mission:  Dazzle your guests with scrumptious cuisine mixed with tradition, decadence and brilliant color! 


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